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Hyams Beach in New South Wales

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Hyams Beach, New South Whales

Hyams Beach at Jervis Bay, New South Wales

Located on the southern coastline of Australia, Hyams Beach attracts hundreds of visitors, even during winters. It is one of the many white sand beaches that skirt the Jervis Bay. Lush natural parks and trails surround the park, the glistening white sands of which, send visiting tourists into raptures. Flanked on both sides, by beaches of rivaling beauty- the Murrays Beach, and Greenpatch- the beautiful Hyams Beach is part of a bigger whole.

Things to do around Hyams Beach

Diving and snorkeling: Diving and snorkeling are a popular sport here. The dive sites here are next only to the Great Barrier Reef.

Surfing, sailing and windsurfing and sea- kayaking, too, are pastimes well-suited to the waters of the Jervis Bay.

Whale watching tours: The township of Huskisson that is a fourteen- minute drive from Hyams Beach is famous for its rich maritime history and whale watching tours. Humpbacks and southern right whales are commonly sighted in the waters here. In the early mornings and late afternoons, when natural light is soft, sightings of dolphins and whales spraying water and vapors through their blowholes are common.

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Fishing charter: Fishing charters are very popular as the waters of the bay teem with a splendid variety of white fish. It is easy to catch some rays, whiting, bream, tarwhine, salmon, luderick and blackfish.

Camping: Camping is very popular- especially at Booderee National Park, whose grassy land and great views are an ideal camp setting.

Booderee National Park: This destination is a not-to-miss attraction near Hyams Beach and merits a separate visit. Several colorful aboriginal birds, walks along some of the best Australian beaches, line fishing for Australian salmons, flatheads, gropers and mackerels, a 750,000-dollar wharf at Murray Beach, whale-watching at Cape St George Lighthouse, botanic gardens that are owned by aborigines (the only one its kind in Australia), are just a few of the attractions and activities at the Booderee National Park.

Jervis Bay National Park: It is a small 4,854- hectare park that offers no camping options but other stay options. The park offers several scenic walking trails that cross over soft dunes and lovely views, several lookout points from where the long coastal line can be seen, picnic spots, and of course activities like fishing, kayaking and bird- watching.

Wreck Bay: The Wreck Bay gains its name from the fact that several ships were wrecked in this part of the bay. The convict ship Hive- the first prisoner ship to run aground in the Bay’s waters in 1835- has been declared a State Heritage. The rescued passengers established contact with Sydney with the help of the aborigines.

Wreck Bay is a not-to-miss point for surfers. The famous Aussie pipe-a reefbreak consisting of a bed of cunjevoi and urchins that can be seen beneath the shallow waters- creates breakers that count among the most beautiful waves seen in Australia.

Huskisson and Vincentia: Huskisson and Vincentia are old historic townships. Huskisson has a rich maritime history. Besides the famous Lady Denmark’s Heritage Complex and Laddie Timberley’s Aboriginal Gallery, Huskinsson has a thriving social scene- with a pub, restaurants, and a cinema.

Vincentia is the lifeline that keeps the bay area alive- literally. It is the main shopping center where visitors get to stock up on food and daily necessities, before they head for a stress-free weekend at the beach.

Where is Hyams Beach?

The Hyams beach is located in New South Wales, Australia. It is in the center of the Hyams Beach Village, and fringes a portion of the southern coast of the Jervis Bay. It faces Point Perpendicular, the steep cliff at the southern tip of the Beecroft peninsula.

Address: Hyams Beach, Jervis Bay, Shoalhaven, New South Wales 2540, Australia

    Location Map of Hyams beach

Accommodations near Hyams Beach

A choice of accommodations is available ranging from cottages, hotels, motels, tourist resorts, B& Bs, and guesthouses.
An interesting choice is the Paperbark Camp, which offers 12 solar powered safari tents. These ecological tents, with their king- size beds, and wrap around decks are built for comfort and style as well.
Several inexpensive stays are also available at Vincentia.

Best time to visit Hyams Beach

Summers are pleasant here with daytime temperatures running between 75º F to 79º F. November to March sees the highest temperature. June to August are the coldest months with daytime temperatures running between 61º F to 67º F. Nights are colder. The months of March, April and June see maximum rain. Though summers are the best time to visit, the Hyams Beach is worth a visit throughout the year.

Facts about Hyams Beach

  • According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Hyams beach has the whitest sand in the world.
  • The Hymas Beach is not patrolled.

Travel Tips & Information

Facilities available/ allowed: Free carpark, pets on a leash, toilets at carpark, recreational fishing up to 100 meters off the beach, caravan park (on the headland next to the beach).

Facilities not available/ allowed: BBQ, shades (bring your own), lockers.

Image credits : Dave Naithani


Published On: Thursday, January 29th, 2015