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Puente del Inca, Mendoza

Puente del Inca, Mendoza

Puente del Inca (The Inca’s Bridge) in Argentina

Puente del Inca in Argentina is one of the most remarkable natural wonders. It is a natural stone bridge over the River Caves, situated 2,720 m above the sea level in Mendoza. Researchers suppose that in ancient times ice covered the river, and the ice sheet formed a support for snow, dust and rocks that fell from the nearby mountains in avalanches. This stone bridge over the Rio Mendoza has rock walls and the remnants of an old yellow-colored spa underneath.

There are large quantities of mineral deposits that have collected underneath the bridge. There are provisions for hot bath at an ocher calcareous structure over Las Cuevas River. It is one of the most visited thermal centers. The geological formation of the bridge of Inca Argentina is strange and is an interesting place for history lovers.

It is recommended that you do not miss this natural wonder of Argentina if you are traveling to the province of Mendoza in Argentina.

You will find there a train station of the Transandine Railway that was used by the visitors to reach the resort. Underneath the bridge you will spot several natural slopes where thermal water originated to a temperature that falls between the 34º C and 38ºC.

There are several legends associated with the construction of the bridge. One of the legends says prior to the arrival of the Spanish, the inheritor of the throne of the Inca Empire was struggling with a terrible and strange paralysis. When not even a single cure worked, the great sages of the kingdom told the king that his son could only be cured in a shed that would be found in a far-off place in the south. The king sent a caravan with his best warriors south from Qosqo. After some months, the caravan reached the high mountains which contained the springs of water that would cure their heir. The Inca warriors hugged each other to form a human bridge. The Inca walked over the human bridge to take his child to the baths, where he got cured. When he turned back to thank his warriors, he saw they were petrified. As they were thinking of the way to return, the high peaks dropped huge stones and boulders with a deafening noise. They saw that the god Inti (the sun) and Mama Quilla (Moon) had created a bridge so that reaching the source would not be difficult for them in the future.

Puente del Inca Map

Facts about Puente del Inca

  • In March 1835 Charles Darwin came to Puente del Inca, and made some sketches of the bridge and its remarkable stalactites.
  • The Puente del Inca Argentina is 28 meters wide and 47 meters long.

Where is Puente del Inca?

The Puente del Inca in Argentina or the bridge of Inca is located in the spectacular Andes Mountains, within close proximity to Mt. Aconcagua. You can reach Puerto del Inca by a three-hour drive from Governor Francisco Gabrielli International Airport.

Best time to visit Puente del Inca

The best time to visit the Puente del Inca is during winter and spring.

More on Puente del Inca

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Published On: Friday, November 22nd, 2013