Avneue of Stars, Hong Kong

Avenue of Stars is Hong Kong's "Walk of Fame"

This city loves its film celebrities. Yes, that is the message of this must-visit tourist attraction of Hong Kong. If you have a great waterfront, flaunt it! This is exactly what Hong Kong decided to do almost a decade back. They decided to model a walkway alongside Victoria Harbour waterfront on the lines of famed Hollywood Walk of Fame. For someone who is not familiar with the Hong Kong film industry, it is a set of surprises, the first of course being that Hong Kong has such a significant film industry.

Hong Kong is loved for its skyline; many say it is far more impressive than anything else in this world. Without contesting this claim to fame, it indeed is very impressive. One can sit at the center of the Avenue of Stars and try counting the number of buildings visible. I am sure this can be a great exercise for the eyes. The Avenue of Stars  is, on paper, a 440 meter long promenade, but when you are walking it feels much longer than that. There are scores of photographic opportunities along the promenade. You would notice people bending down to touch and feel hand prints as well as autographs of the celebrities. Laid in very artistically done metal and concrete plaques all over the promenade, they attract a lot of attention.  Red pillars with inscriptions, statues and installations mark this walk. The most popular installation is a set of statues and a traditional director's chair set in the middle.

Sorry George Orwell, your quotes get ripped-off again: For Avenues of Stars, all stars are equal, but some stars are more equal than others. Bruce Lee gets special attention. Bruce Lee, the famous Chinese American who made the Hong Kong film industry rise beyond cheap martial art thrillers, gets acknowledged by a larger-than-life bronze statute. Thousands of Bruce Lee fans pay tribute to him by standing in front of his statue, copying his pose. Having watched Bruce Lee's famous Enter the Dragon and a few others, his plaque is the most appropriate icon for this post.

This walk won't tire you, but it can make you thirsty with its humidity levels. Starbucks, located strategically, almost in the middle of the promenade offers you its full offering with great views.  Walk by and be one amongst a few million who walk this path every year.

Published On: Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013