Traveler's Checklist

Confused about what to pack for a vacation?

Have you booked your tickets to your dream destination? Yes! Great! It is time to begin the packing process. Before packing, make a traveler's checklist so that you don't end up leaving anything behind. Recalling Aristotle's famous saying, "well begun is half done" and the fact that proper planning is the base of any successful venture, I am hereby sharing my traveler's checklist, so that you can have a rocking vacation, filled with indelible sweet memories:
Traveler's Checklist video

  • Check travel alerts issued by the government of your chosen destination. There may be circumstances when you need to postpone your tour in the wake of some terrorist activities or impending dangers. You must be fully assured of the fact that there are no inherent perils to spoil your tour.
  • The health experts recommend vaccines for traveling to specific locations. Consult your embassy to get the details of the vaccinations required.
  • If you are under medication, take the proof of your prescription as in some of the countries it is not allowed to bring medicines. Also, ask your doctor for the general substitutes of your the medicine, in case you have to buy them abroad.
  • Gear up for emergency by keeping handy the contact details of the nearby Embassy in the location of your travel. Carry two photocopies of your travel documents. These include a passport, air tickets, hotel confirmation, credit cards brought on the trip, and driver's license.
  • If you wish to drive in your destination country, check for driving permits before your departure. You may need some documents to obtain the temporary driving license.
  • While packing, see that you do not load yourself with too many belongings. Only carry the necessary items. It gives us a freedom to travel. Do not carry valuables or if necessary, carry a minimum number and conceal it properly. IDs, tickets, and other necessary documents must not be packed in backpacks.
  • Travel with insurance and be confident that your insurance covers the risk of extreme sports.
  • Confirm from your service provider that your phone works abroad.

Have a happy and safe journey!

Published On: Wednesday, June 4th, 2014