There are so many weird things in the world – some are natural, whereas others are man-made. I hope you enjoyed reading my blog on Top Ten Haunted Hotels in the World. Today, I am sharing the top ten unusual restaurants in the world that spread weirdness around .

Toilet Themed Restaurant

Does a toilet themed restaurant sound weird to you?

Magic Restroom Cafe: First toilet-themed restaurant in America

(Permanently Closed) The Magic Restroom Cafe is a California-based first toilet-themed restaurant in America. There are toilet chairs to sit, and food is served in various toilet-styled plates and bowls. Even the menu is inspired by our bodily functions. Some of the items on the a-la-carte include Constipation (noodles with soybean paste), Black poop (chocolate sundae), Golden poop rice (consisting of chicken wings), etc. Imagine eating poop for dinner! It is an extremely loathsome idea. The guests are strictly told to use the real toilets to answer the call of nature. If you can resist the feeling of nausea, you may visit this place once for the experience.

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New Lucky Restaurant: Do you mind a cup of tea with the dead?

This is the most-weird restaurant with tables laid beside the dead. The New Lucky restaurant in Ahmedabad, India is built in the center of an old Muslim cemetery. The restaurant serves milk tea with soft rolls. The waiters have become so accustomed to move in-between the graves and many people don't care about the graves. They just come to enjoy the tea. The feeling of being watched by the dead is so eerie that you just can't even normally breathe. I wonder how people easily move in the restaurant to enjoy the tea.

Hospitalis: A hospital-themed restaurant in Latvia

A hospital is a scary place for many. If you want to shed your fear of visiting a hospital, then you must visit the Hospitalis restaurant in Riga, Latvia. You can see long-legged waitresses wearing nurse's uniforms moving about and serving guests at this hospital-themed restaurant. These so-called nurses treat the guests as patients and take good care of them. They also sing songs and play music. The waiters clad in the attire of surgeons prepare exotic drinks in the bar. The food is served in flasks and operating-room’s dishes, while it is eaten with surgical utensils. Interestingly, syringes are used for seasoning. Would you like to get pampered by beautiful nurses?


Disaster Cafe: Enjoy a meal with a 7.8 earthquake

The moment an earthquake comes, people run for their lives, but not at the Diasater Cafe in Spain. The Cafe serves food in a terribly shaky atmosphere. Many people visit this cafe to experience a simulated 7.8 earthquake. Just take care to maintain your balance during the quake else you may spill your drinks.


Guo Li Zhuang: First restaurant to serve penile parts in China

Guo Li Zhuang restaurant in Dongcheng District, Beijing.

Guo Li Zhuang restaurant in Dongcheng District, Beijing.

The name Guo Li Zhuang translates to 'strength within the pot'. This restaurant in China specializes in serving food made from the penile parts of animals such as horse, snake, dog, donkey, deer, etc. The food is prepared with secret medicinal recipes of the Guo family. The names of the food items are also interesting-Look for the Treasure in the Desert Sand, Dragon in the Flame of Desire, etc. The young crowd of under 15 years of age is not allowed in the restaurant as the kind of food served here may leave an impact on their hormones.

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Kayabukiya Tavern: Get served by monkey waiters

Monkeys are famous for bringing mischief. However, the Kayabukiya Tavern restaurant in Japan has employed two monkeys – named Yat-Chan and Fuku-Chan, as helpers. According to the owners, when they were busy serving their guests, the monkeys (pets) observed them, and started imitating their owners. This is how they turned into their helpers. They serve drinks and bring towels after the meals. They also bring the bill and give change in return. The monkeys wear a uniform while serving the guests. You can give them boiled soy beans as a tip. As the monkeys are allowed to work just two hours a day, thus if you want to be served by them, you need to do plan before arriving.

Heart Attack Grill: Get spoiled, gain calories at this hospital-themed restaurant

Heart Attack Grill at Neonopolis.

Heart Attack Grill at Neonopolis.

If you are a real foodie, then you would feel blessed by visiting the Heart Attack Grill in Dallas, TX, that encourages life-threatening fast food. Cholesterol-rich food accompanied with cigarettes and beer is served by waitresses dressed up in sexually provocative nurse's uniforms. The nurses tie tags showing orders on the wrists of the guests while the doctors recommend burgers – Single, Double, Triple, Quadruple Bypass. The Butter shake served at the Heart Attack Grill is claimed to have the world's highest butterfat content. The guests who eat the biggest burger on the menu are helped by the nurses to reach their car in a wheelchair. We all love ourselves, thus we understand the importance of staying on a healthy diet. Sometimes, it is fine to treat yourself with food that may cause a heart attack!

Visit to know more about the restaurant.

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Ed Debevic's: Saucy waiters, Delicious burgers

If you have a craze for impertinence, then you would like the Ed Debevic restaurant in US where saucy waiters make sarky remarks instead of thanking or greeting visitors. This retro-styled restaurant has the feel of the 1950s. The musical numbers seem interrupting, yet they entertain guests. The menu consists of milkshakes, burgers, wine, desserts, and a lot more. The waitresses also dance in flashy costumes. Are you ready to experience a different hue of madness?


Lambert's Cafe: Munch on thrown rolls and have a hearty laugh

Lambert's Cafe at Foley, Alabama.

Lambert's Cafe at Foley, Alabama.

If you are good at catching things, then you would enjoy the catch game at Lambert's Cafe in US. This restaurant has its own tradition of serving guests by throwing breads at them. Guests can eat as many as they can catch. Lambert's Cafe takes pride in its chain of three restaurants located in Sikeston, Foley, and Ozark for its exclusive services. They even offer some free dishes including beans, potatoes, etc.


Hobbit House Restaurant: Featuring the smallest waiters in the world

Established in 1973, the Hobbit House is a restaurant dedicated to "Lord of the Rings." This house is an idea of Jim Turner, a former college professor. The inner walls of the restaurant exhibit scenes from Tolkien's books. There is an extensive collection of beer at the bar in the Hobbit House. Nobody cares for the menu as the world's smallest waiters are the centre of attraction. You would love this place if you too are a fan of the "Lord of the Rings."

See the website for more details.

Those of you who have already visited any of these restaurants, please share your reviews in comments. We would like to know your experiences.

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Published On: Wednesday, January 8th, 2014