Known to be one of the favorite honeymoon destinations, Switzerland is a natural paradise. Especially the beautiful scenery of the Alps draws a number of tourists, mountaineers, hikers, and adventurers every year. Also, the scenic beauty of Switzerland is a great source for cinematographic excellence. In addition, the Swiss valley is full of museums, and architectural beauties. For all the above reasons, the country accommodates a huge number of travelers every year. Let us see what all you can do on your trip to this magnificent country:

Visit the timeless Chateau de Chillon

Mainly a historical site, the Chillon Castle is a very popular location in Switzerland. The castle, belonging to the 11th century stands right on the lake Geneva. It has inspired poets and writers from ages. During winters, the castle wrapped in snow set in the white draped surrounding area looks magical.

Château de Chillon

Watch the magical Sunsets at Château de Chillon

Stay in Luxury Resorts in Bern

The capital city of Switzerland, Bern is located on the river Aare in the West of the Country. The Bernese Alps or Oberland with a number of peaks is the most-visited area. This area has a number of resorts offering excellent hospitality.

Tread the Jungfrau Region by rail

The peak of the Jungfrau is the nucleus of a number of enchanting sites in Switzerland. The "greens and Gold" of the nearby hills and valleys. The highest rail trip in Europe, also known to be the best because of the scenic beauty, takes you up to this land of beauty.


Tread the beautiful Jungfrau

Indulge in shopping

Traveling in Switzerland is a completely ecstatic experience for those who love to shop. You can indulge oneself with some of the best buys like Clocks, watches, chocolates, crystals, embroidered items, shoes, cheese, liquor, antiques, etc.

Relish Swiss cuisine

The Swiss land is famous for its culinary dishes. It has a slight influence of French, Italian, and German cuisines. The food is usually meat, potatoes and cheese, which is supplemented by different kinds of sauces. Rösti is Switzerland's National dish, which is actually crispy, fried, shredded potatoes.

Swiss cuisine

Enjoy the delicious food

Plan a trip to the interesting places in Switzerland

Switzerland has a galore of touristy places such as the Benedictine Convent of Saint John, Matterhorn Mountain, Finsteraarhorn Valley, Rhine Falls, Jet d'Eau, Lion Monument, Swiss Museum of Transport, Lake Thun, etc.

The tourist in Switzerland is bound to have a great time keeping in mind the festive environment of the palace. The great food, drink, and shopping options just add to the glamor of the place. Thus, the tourists in Switzerland are sure to come back with a bagful of happy memories.

Image credit : Eric Hill , SteinmannTabercil


Published On: Monday, August 25th, 2014