Get ready for a magical wedding at Puerto Rico !

Get ready for a magical wedding at Puerto Rico !

Puerto Rico is a refreshing breath of fresh air. Period. It packs everything that a seaside town has to offer, and sprinkles a bit of magic on top, which makes its way through streets, forests and bio-luminescent waterways, and finally settles in your heart. So, while Walt Disney created his magic kingdom with all his genius, nature created Puerto Rico with all her ingenuity. She threw in some sea, some land and then, some of the nicest people in the world.

Puerto Rico is the perfect wedding destination if you are looking for a place that shines in its natural splendor and local culture, and needs no gaudy man-made trimmings. Note that Puerto Rico does not have a dearth of nightclubs or high end dining options. But the best part of Puerto Rico still remains its natural bountifulness and hospitable natives.

If you choose Puerto Rico, as your destination of choice, try to stay at Hotel El Convento. A historic hotel right in the heart of San Juan, El Convento seems, but an extension of the town itself. El Convento has a restaurant serving some of the best wines. A walk along the corridors of this sprawling hotel will make you feel like you have walked out of your room, and into a tropical night sky. The hotel has a world class outdoor jacuzzi. You can exchange your vows at the San Juan Cathedral, right across the street from El Convento, and then rest your frayed nerves, in the warm hot tub, with a bottle of complimentary champagne. If the contemporary hotels are more in line with your taste, plan your stay at one of the several five-star hotels in San Juan.

A populace as much in love with music as the Puerto Ricans, is hard to come by. You can string your arms around your better half and do your honeymoon dance right in the middle of the street, and no one will notice. Why? Because the rest of the town is busy dancing too.

It will be fun to imbibe a little bit of Puerto Rican tradition in your wedding. Get a bridal doll with a long skirt to sit atop your wedding cake. Attach capias (wedding favors) to the skirt to gift to the guests at your wedding. And, then, treat your wedding guests to the famous mofongo, with a side of tosteterones, and a dessert of flan.

Join your wife on a kayak tour down the waterways of Fajardo. Row gently as the bio-luminescent bay lights up to the pitter-patter of the oars. But wait? What is it that shines even brighter? They are your darling's eyes, as she lives her childhood dream-floating on a magical lake on a full-moon night, into a life of magic that is just beginning.

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Published On: Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014