Good guy, good goods - Henry Webb

Good guy, good goods - Henry Webb

Do you know why this guy is smiling?

I know, it is pride in his work which gets that smile.

Just 100 meters from Circular Quay was this The Rocks Markets - Art and Craft show. I walked in and started looking around. I liked what I saw and thought of buying an art work from him as a souvenir. I asked the gentleman a few details, he stepped out and patiently explained to me the whole process of making the piece I wished to buy. It was pure education which he shared. The more he educated me, the more I admired his work.

He is factual in his own contribution to his work. Henry Webb is honest to his business and to his customer,  his work is good too.

If you wish to buy small unique blown glass work, reach out to him. I am sure, he will educate you and make you a friend, if not a customer.

Henry Webb: - Collectors Club, Rocks Market, Stall Opposite 84 George Street.

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Published On: Monday, August 5th, 2013