Whether you are an Art buff, simply a visitor or just want to relish art and various other art forms then NGV Australia: Ian Potter Centre of Art is a place which you may not want to miss. Strategically located at Australia’s most famous landmark; The Federation Square, this Art Centre is world’s first major gallery showcasing Australian art right from Colonial era till Contemporary period. The collection spread across various galleries which comprises of Prints, Photographs, Sculptures, Large Art installations, decorative art, fashion, textiles and Aboriginal art forms.

These vast galleries are always ready to feast your eyes with rich collection of artworks of various artists displaying their exceptional creative expressions. Just ponder through galleries at different levels and experience the ever rich world of Art and artists at your own pace. There is an immense reservoir of knowledge which unfolds before your eyes. Do not rush through the galleries, else you may miss on some many finer details of these Artworks at display.

In case if you have browsed through the rich world of Painters, Artists and their exhibits and want to delve deeper into the Digital world of Images, sound and Multimedia, then, ACMI: Australian Centre for the Moving Image is a place where you can gain insight into all aspects of Moving images and its origin. Showcasing Australian’s engagement with rich world of Moving images since its inception, this Centre very well illustrates each and every aspect of Film, Television and Digital culture through its Multimedia rich presentations and Interactive Kiosks. Here people of all age groups can browse through digital world and gain deeper understanding of their favorite digital medium. Take your own sweet time and discover this magical world of Moving Imagery. These Art centers no doubt places Melbourne as Australia’s Art and Cultural hub.

Published On: Friday, May 2nd, 2014