“Ring out the Old, and Ring in the New”. America is the only place where you not only celebrate the joy of the arriving year en masse in open air celebrations but you also celebrate with the dropping of the big ball. Millions of Americas, no matter where they are, wait with bated breath, counting the last 60 seconds as the time ball descends in all its electric glory to herald the new year. So, if you really want to 'have a ball' at your new year's eve party this time, we suggest you check out these amazing destinations in America that range from crazier-than- craziest Vegas to family friendly Denver, and of course, who can forget, the big ball drop at New York.

Know about the best places to celebrate new year in USA

Know about the best places to celebrate new year in USA

So here goes a list of New Year's Eve destinations in USA that will get your new year rolling.

US New Years Eve Destinations Map

Map showing the US cities famous for New Year's Eve Destinations to travel in the United States.

New Year's Eve Travel Destinations in the USA
City Name State Name Country
New York City New York USA
Los Angeles California USA
Las Vegas Nevada USA
Disney World Florida USA
New Orleans Louisiana USA
Key West Florida USA
Washington DC Washington USA
Chicago Illinois USA
Orlando USA USA
San Diego California USA
Austin Texas USA
Atlanta Georgia USA
Miami Florida USA
San Antonio Texas USA
Boston Massachusetts USA
San Francisco California USA
Honolulu Hawai USA
Anchorage Alaska USA
Lincoln Nebraska USA
Portland Maine USA


Published On: Monday, October 13th, 2014