Smoked Salmon, Olives, Wild Rocket and Shredded cheese Pizza.

Smoked Salmon, Olives, Wild Rocket and Shredded cheese Pizza.

I have had 18 meals in Sydney so far and the prize for the best meal goes to this awesome pizza. In my discovery of the Opera House, I discovered many more things which the Opera House stands for: great food & jogging amongst others.

My tour of the Sydney Opera House was for 2:00 pm and I had time on hand for lunch. A guided tour came with a special lunch offer at Studio Cafe within the premises. So, I opted for that. They didn't have too many options but the smoked salmon pizza made sense to me. Just $10 after discount looked like a steal in expensive Sydney. I couldn't recall eating wild rocket before.  However, I was sure that it was from the mustard family of leaves and was the only things partially unknown out of everything in the description. I went ahead and ordered. I was told every pizza is cooked from scratch, so it would take 15 minutes. It came in just about that time.

At the first look, I knew it had to be yummy. One dig into it and I couldn't believe the magic the chef had created. It was simply waiting to be polished off from that plate. Mind blowing! Awesome! Wow! - whatever you wish to say, this pizza moved my expectations significantly higher.

I will say this meal was the best: 10/10. If you go to Sydney, go here. Have this and try a few more dishes. If this is what they can churn out, they are surely capable of more.


Published On: Wednesday, August 7th, 2013