Tourists taking a Walking Tour of Olympic Park

London is one of the oldest cities in the world boasting of a rich historical and cultural heritage. Every street, every alley in London bears witness to the historical past in the city. The city of London also nestles countless historical landmarks that instantly transport you to the glorious past of the city. Along with the historical heritage London also boasts of an active cultural scenario that is represented through the numerous theaters, art exhibitions, musical concerts and festivals of London. Therefore the city of London poses challenge to every visitor; challenge to explore the city.

One of the novel ways of exploring the city of London is by participating in the London Walking Tours. There is no better way of exploring and discovering London; these tours will not only help you see the major sights of the city, but also feel and imbibe the mood of the city.

There are several travel agencies and companies that conduct such tours like London Walks, Original London Walks, Capital Walks and Mystery Walks of London. Apart from organizing sightseeing tours some of the companies also operate theme based walking tours such as "Legal London", or "Jack the Ripper". To participate in a walking tour the procedure is simple; you can either opt for pre-booking or many companies have starting points; you can reach there, buy tickets and be a part of the walking tour. These walking tours are guided tours; during the tour the guide will comment on the various aspects of the sights and the city of London.

You can also go for a walking tour in london on your own, without the help of any travel company or guide and explore the city of London.

Photo Credit : Julian Osley

Published On: Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013