Canopy on Hyde, Sydney.

Canopy on Hyde, Sydney.

Canopy Restaurant at Sydney - Quick Review:

Restaurant? Canopy on Hyde, 157 Liverpool Street, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

What? Pan-fried Mirror Dory, Pomme  Puree, Curry Butter, Chervil.

How Much? Australian $ 30 (pre-plated, all inclusive)

Pomme Puree? For those who love to discuss differences between mashed potatoes and Pomme Puree, this is where Pomme Puree begins. It was good, very well done. It had a consistency and was not sticky.

Curry Butter? I don't know what the dish would have been without this. Mirror Dory is a mild fish and the Curry Butter enthused flavor with every bite. Awesome!

Chervil? Yes, the twig was fresh. I don't think it needed a mention in the menu.  The oil in which the Mirror Dory was pan-fried needed a bigger mention probably.

Pan-fried Mirror Dory? It was just melting in my mouth. It was my first time with Mirror Dory. It is amongst the milder of fish and thus it needed that Curry Butter to go along. The fish was done well and I think pre-plating it in this composition was a big hit. I missed some bread on the side too. I am sure, if I would have asked they would have given me some. But if you are paying $30 you are perfectly right to expect some bread and butter to go along.

Would I go there again? Yes. I may  try their pizzas or their breakfast menu.

Do I recommend? Yes, if you wish to have a  burger and (like me) would like to avoid McDonald’s and this is the place which is in your vicinity.

Rating? 4.5/5

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Published On: Sunday, August 4th, 2013