Cathay Pacific - Indian Option

Cathay Pacific - Making in-flight food memorable

Cathay Pacific earned more brownie points from me than what I earned from my Marco Polo Club flying with them. It was a delight to see an Indian vegetarian option on the main menu on a flight from Sydney to Hong Kong. Palak paneer, gobi alloo and jeera rice with a hint of saffron. Could anyone ask for more?

On preparations, it was just stunning to say the least. It was very unexpected as an airline meal in economy class and unthinkable on a sector which doesn't have India on either end.  There was nothing overdone and nothing underdone. It seemed to be something from your own kitchen. Gobi alloo was sprinkled with some fresh cilantro to add color and flavor. Minimalistic, basic, gourmet: to get these three words together for any dish is truly incredible and this dish got the same together.

My next meal with Cathay was at the Wing lounge at Hong Kong airport. They probably serve the best samosas outside India. They are small, crunchy and a true finger food. My last meal with them yesterday was halibut and rice. It was again amazing. The halibut was so fresh that anything more than this and it would be swimming in the North Pacific or North Atlantic Ocean.


Published On: Friday, August 9th, 2013