Victoria peak is one of the most popular and must-visit places in Hong Kong offering its visitors a memorable experience of viewing scenic 360 degree-views of unobstructed cityscapes from the highest vantage point. Here, I would like to share my personal experience with you and suggest that if you are an avid photographer then this place is just for you, with immense opportunities to click pictures of Hong Kong’s amazing skyline sprinkled with skyscrapers of all sizes. Even amateur shutterbugs can enjoy this place by clicking some interesting selfies with their loved ones. The best way to reach the top is by taking a Peak Tram. I reached the Peak Tram terminal and had to wait in a long queue for buying my ticket due to heavy tourist rush. Overall, I was satisfied by the way it was organized, and within half an hour I got my ticket to ride The Peak tram. You can utilize the waiting time, by peeping inside the Peak Tram Historical gallery with a collection of over 200 memorabilia tastefully exhibited, transporting you back into the 19th and 20th century Hong Kong and history of Tram evolution.

As soon as the tram arrived, there was a heavy rush and people jostled around to enter the two- coach Tram and occupy the window seat to catch a glimpse of natural wonders and sky scrapers en route to the peak. I was just lucky enough to get a comfortable seat. After everyone got seated with few people standing, the tram started its journey to the top. As the tram started to ascend, trees and skyscrapers started to slide past at unusual angles which were quite astonishing. Few of the passengers who were standing were just trying to balance themselves on this ascent. Finally, we reached Anvil shaped Peak tower, which has a large viewer’s deck known as Sky Terrace 428. This Peak tower houses some fantastic retail and food outlets with stunning views of Hong Kong city. Once you reach the top of open air Sky terrace you will be amazed on viewing the spectacular vistas of glittering Hong Kong’s skyline where skyscrapers vie with each other for space in this space starved vertical city. Scenic views of some of Hong Kong’s prominent buildings and Victoria harbor can easily be seen at a glance. On a clear day one can easily see the green hills of new territories. You can also catch a glimpse of nearby hills dotted by independent house and apartments.

Slowly this scenic city full of shining skyscraper views started to melt into a shimmering galaxy of lights and a dazzling array of well-lit skyscrapers as the sky starts turning dark with the setting sun. By this time the sky terrace also gets crowded and people start occupying strategic places near the boundary and get ready with their cameras to click some memorable pictures of one of the most photographed cityscapes. The wok-shaped Peak tower houses some of the most popular Chinese and Japanese dining options with jaw-dropping city views while savoring your favorite dish. There are multiple retain outlets offering a rich collection of Chinese artworks, jewelry, silk, artwork and much more. A complete, shopping, dining and adventurous experience at the Peak Tower is one of my most cherished experiences in Hong Kong.

Published On: Tuesday, November 11th, 2014