Victoria and Albert Museum, London

An Exhibit from the Victoria and Albert Museum at London

The Victoria and Albert Museum is Britain's national museum of applied arts and design. The goal of this prestigious museum is to enable the young and old alike to explore the fascinating world of designs. The museum has huge repository of collections some of which are over 3000 years and most of the artifacts come from some of the world's most cultured places.

From architecture to ceramics and from metal works to photography, it's all here at the Victoria and Albert Museum. You will be mesmerized by ornate furniture from Europe and America from the medieval times to the present day.

There is also an exclusive glass enclosure that unravels the fascinating 4000-year-old evolution of Glass from the Middle East, Europe and the Western world. As far as metal works are concerned, there is a bewildering array of silver, arms, armours, enamels, brass work a and medieval metal works.

In the sculpture section, you will come across one of the world's finest collection of post-classical European sculpture. The Photography section, which was set up in the year 1852 has a staggering collection of 500,000 images. Some of the finest works of art, which includes watercolors, pastels, portraits, oil paintings, illustrations, posters and cartoons can be found in this astonishing art museum. In the architecture gallery with its thematic representation features the evolution of architecture from classical Rome to the present day and provides you with an opportunity to explore 160 exquisite architectural models.

While the British Gallery is known for its rich collection of British designs which includes Henry VIII's writing desk, James II's wedding suit and the Great Bed of Ware among its repertoire of collections. The Asian continent is well represented with artifacts that skillfully depicts the religious, courtly and everyday life in the Oriental part. The Radiant Buddha statue is of course the cynosure of all eyes. The Toshiba Gallery of Japanese Art is also worth visiting which brilliantly depicts the dresses of early 20th century Japan.

An exclusive arena dedicated to Fashion, Jewelry and Accessories covers the fashion scene from 17th century to the present day. People with a passion for knitting and embroidery will find this particular enclosure to be very useful. Don't miss out on the ceramics collections -  the centerpiece of all reaction with collections from ancient Egypt to the modern studio pottery and technologically designed ceramics. All these and much more await you at one of the world's most renowned museums of art and design.

Photo By Junho Jung

Published On: Saturday, July 6th, 2013