The Empire State Building, New York City

America's Favorite Architecture

Whenever I look at this building, it tells me to rise, rise in admiration of the vision and the work which went into creation of this icon of the United States of America and America's Favorite Architecture. It tells me to rise, because those  who do, stand out and they reach out to the stars and the stars come down to meet them. It tells me to rise, because if you rise this world just starts looking up to you, you become the benchmark. It tells me that no time is a good or a bad time to begin a project. It tells me that it needs a bit of luck too, to survive when others perish.

The Empire State Building is to lesser mortals what inspiration might be to the God. One look at it and it just tells you, you can do it. If you go to New York, you go to meet this building too, whether you climb to the top of its observatory or not, is not important. It is important that you meet it, drink coffee under it and look at the jaw dropping expressions of tourists from all over the world. There are buildings and then there is The Empire State Building. America's favorite and mine too.

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Published On: Sunday, September 15th, 2013