Dubai Fountain

Dubai Fountain - Worlds largest choreographed fountain system

I was part of a large group of visitors who started gathering near the 30-acre man-made Lake Burj adjoining the Dubai Mall. As the sun set, bathed in shimmering lights, the Dubai Downtown area started getting ready for an entertaining night full of lights, music, and well-coordinated water jets. Yes, I am talking of The Dubai Fountain, the world’s largest performing multimedia fountain in the Burj Khalifa Lake.

I waited for almost 20 minutes and then there was complete dark all around, and soon the magic began unfolding before my eyes. Streaks of moving lights started building a formation in the lake accompanied with classical Arab music. Before the atmosphere started getting charged up, there was a new circular light formation starting at another end throwing water jets in spiral formations to various levels. It appeared as if someone has placed multiple gold bangles in the water and there were dancing pearls and beads all over its circumference, changing designs every second. Till the time all the circular formations were complete, one of the circles started throwing water jets to astounding heights, and so on. Accompanied by different tunes, mood lighting, and dancing water jets, this show was nothing less than a mesmerizing convergence of music, dance, and sparkling lights.

An impressive confluence of 6,600 lights, 25 colored projectors and gushing water jets shoot water up to 500 feet (equal to a 48-storey high building) in the sky. This magical fountain show is accompanied by a heady mix of classical Arab, contemporary, and world music themes which leave you spellbound. At any given point in time, this fountains gushes 22,000 gallons of water into the sky through its well-coordinated high-tech water shooters. I got this astounding fact from the information kiosk near the Fountain Promenade and I thought I must share it. This well-orchestrated show was simply spell-binding; the only drawback of this show is its duration, I wish it lasted a little longer...

There is no entry ticket or pass to watch this fountain show, however it is advisable to block your space near the periphery of the lake to catch a better glimpse of it There are some interesting vantage points around the lake which you can occupy to get the best view and capture some memorable moments in your camera. Typically this show lasts from 3-5 minutes and is held at an interval of 30 minutes starting at 6 p.m. Over the weekends, the frequency of these shows is extended till 11 p.m. It is important to note the direction of the wind before the show begins, else you may end up getting wet and have to run for cover. I actually experienced it and, believe me, I was almost wet and had to run a few yards to avoid the water sprinkler-like effect.

Burj Lake skirting the nearby Dubai Mall, Al Souk Bahar, The Palace Downtown Hotel, and The Address Hotel also presents an opportunity for visitors to ride traditional Abras (small boats used to ferry passengers across the Dubai Creek) and experience an unparalleled experience to navigate through some of the iconic buildings and structures in Downtown Dubai.

Each Abra carries some 5 to 7 passengers. Keeping passengers' safety in view, these boat rides are stopped during the musical fountain show. Tickets for an Abra ride can be purchased either from Lake Ride Kiosk at the Fountain Boulevard or At the Top, Burj Khalifa ticket counters in the Dubai Mall. It is advisable to book tickets in advance, especially if you want to avoid the weekend rush as the tourist inflow is heavy in the Downtown area. The mesmerizing sight of the musical fountain in the Burj Khalifa Lake in Dubai is a wonder not be missed!

Published On: Tuesday, January 21st, 2014