Casa Camper, Unique Hotel in Berlin

What room number would you like?

After an active day touring Berlin, I got off at Alexanderplatz. Taking the taxi back to the hotel seemed like an easier option, but experiencing  a city from behind the window of a taxi wasn't my idea of adventure. I picked a street and started walking, a stranger in a new town. Walked by little coffee shops, local bars, construction detours and through the parks. I pulled out the phone to check on Google Maps after about an hour and headed back to the hotel on the guided tour.

On the way, I noticed this unique concept for a hotel. It was like a giant message-board, with room numbers on display for each room. You could walk in and ask for the room by the number, or see if a friend is there before you walk in. It sure was a hotel with a view, for everyone. I wondered the fun ways this concept could be applied. Perhaps betting the time lights go off in a room, or displaying winning numbers of the lottery by turning the lights on in the chosen rooms. It turned out to be a boutique hotel called 'Casa Camper Berlin' in Mitte, the central borough of Berlin. It is about a minute's walk from Weinmeisterstraße subway station, if you're curious to check it out.

Published On: Wednesday, October 30th, 2013