Souks in Dubai - Gold Souq at Dubai

The Gold Souq at Dubai

Dubai, the beautiful city lying in the Arabian Peninsula glowing with a landscape of white sands and stunning architecture casts magic on the people visiting it. Dubai carries the whiffs of the rich orient, the rich heritage of the Scheherazade and this rich heritage of Dubai is most evident in the souks in Dubai. Souk in Arabic means market. Souk also means a place of barter and buying and selling of goods. In the early days dhows from Ceylon, India, China and the Far East released their goods here which were sold and bought in the nearby souks.

Enter the world of exquisite artifacts and exotic spices in the souks. Let the dazzle of fine gold enthrall you in the maze of snaking alleys meandering on the Deira region. Now enter the beautiful world of spice souk and let the whirlpool of fragrances of delicious foods, incenses and perfumes mesmerize your senses. You will get traditional medicinal products and rose petals in the souks.

The gold souks are dazzling paradise of fine gold jewelries. Come to the gold souk in Deira, one of the biggest gold retail markets in the globe. You will get whatever you want here. Starting from ingots, earrings, chains, bracelets and more it is the haven of intricate jewelries. You will also get pearls and precious stones here at excellent prices on bargain. All the streets are lined with several stores with bejeweled and bedazzled windows displaying a wide range of gold jewelry. The perfume souks will soak your senses with several aromas.

Close to the souks are the antique market where you can get carvings, Bedu jewelry, daggers, Arabian chests and coffee pots.

If you want to buy silk or textiles then come to the streets of Satwa or in Bur Dubai at Cosmos Lane where there are many shops selling wide ranges of vibrant fabrics.

Deira has a fish souk where you can see people engaged into frenzied bargaining over different types of fish. Mostly you will get to see mackerel, shark, pomfret, squid, seabream, king prawn, lobster, tuna, barracuda, rock cod, red snapper, king fish and other fish.

The souks of Dubai will take you back to the golden era of shopping in Dubai.

Photo By Ian and Wendy Sewell [GFDL, CC-BY-SA-3.0 or CC-BY-2.5], via Wikimedia Commons

Published On: Wednesday, August 7th, 2013