Night Safari Singapore

Fire breathing nutters in Singapore Night Safari show

If you are in a mood of spotting animals at night, then Singapore Night Safari is the way to go. Tours to Singapore are incomplete without indulging in Singapore Night Safari. Located right adjacent to Singapore Zoo, Singapore Night Safari Park is the first wildlife park in the world that is meant specially to be viewed at night. Spread over an area of about 40 hectares, Singapore Night Safari offers you to watch different animals at night.

Constructed at a cost of $63 million, Singapore Night Safari was opened for public on 26th May 1994. This nocturnal zoo is set in a humid tropical forest that can be visited only at night. Although this open-air zoo is well lit, it is still dim enough not to disturb animals resting in the park. Singapore Night Safari is a great way to watch if not all then at least most of the 120 animals living in the zoo.

The superb 40-minute tram ride at Singapore Night Safari will take you round the nocturnal zoo. Get going for a walking trail under the guidance of a guide after your tram ride gets over. When it comes to safety, Singapore Night Safari has taken care of all the safety precautions. Natural barriers have been carefully planted to mark a separation between the visitors and animals.

Divided in to 8 geographical zones, Singapore Night Safari offers you to go on different walking trails. Forest Giants, Fishing Cat and Leopard Trail are the names of some popular walking trails at Singapore Night Safari. Venturing out on Singapore Night Safari during your tours to Singapore Tourist Attractions is an experience of a lifetime. Perhaps this is the reason that every year nearly 1.1 million tourists indulge in the adventurous Singapore Night Safari.

Important information:

  • Minimum 4 adult passengers are required to go on a tour to Singapore Night Safari.
  • Tours to Singapore Night Safari should be booked at least 72 hours prior to your travel date.
  • Group size varies from 4 to 40 passengers.
  • Private Tours with private guides are also available.

Hours : The Singapore Night Safari is open between 1930 hours and 2400 hours on all days.

Admissions :  Tickets to the Singapore Night Safari can be bought for $49.00 per adults and $32.00 per child.

Photo by Jo Munday

Published On: Monday, July 1st, 2013