Shakespeare Globe Theatre, London

Globe Theatre is a replica of the original one where Shakespeare is believed to have written many of his plays.

The Globe Theatre is located in one of London's most picturesque locales - the banks of the River Thames overlooking the river. Adjacent to it is the world famous Tate Gallery of Modern Art. The present Theatre is a replica of the original one where Shakespeare is believed to have written many of his plays. The present Globe Theatre owes a lot to renowned American actor - Sam Wanamaker - who funded the major portion of constructing the building.

London's Most Prestigious Cultural Landmark

The present Shakespeare Globe Theatre, London was formally opened in 1997 and, ever since its inception, has gained in popularity and today the Globe Theatre has become one of London's most prestigious cultural landmark.

What is so significant about the new Globe Theatre, London is the perfection in recreating the original Theatre architecture. For instance, the thatched roof or covering which is made of Norfolk reeds is absolutely identical to the original Theatre. In fact, you will be amazed to know that the thatch is chemically treated with a fire retardant coating along with state of the art sprinkler systems. The thatched roof of Globe Theatre has been used in London for the first time ever since 1666.

A Different Theatre Experience

The Globe Theatre experience is a different ball game altogether.

Being among the audience at Globe Theatre, you are essentially offered the same joy and excitement that was once the prerogative of the Elizabethan patrons. At the Globe Theatre, both the stage and the audience are located outdoors. Shakespeare plays are held on a regular basis during the summer months and in the winter months the premises is extensively used for educational purposes.

If you happen to visit the Globe Theatre when a matinee show is in progress, guided tours are not possible. Instead, you are advised to visit the nearby bank-side theatre called "Rose", which incidentally is the place from where Christopher Marlowe and Ben Jonson composed some of their greatest plays and from which Shakespeare himself learnt the tricks of his trade.

Children are especially encouraged to visit Globe Theatre and they are provided with the liberty to move around without troubling other theatre enthusiasts.

From time to time, Shakespeare Globe Theatre London does host foreign language adaptations of Shakespeare's plays especially during the International week and in the past, the Globe Theatre has successfully played host to productions from as far away as India, Japan, Brazil and Cuba, to name just a few.

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Published On: Tuesday, June 18th, 2013