Royal Ontario Museum is one of the best and biggest museums I have ever seen in my life. Architecturally sound, this place has best collection of the Antiques and priced possessions. Ranging from exhibitions to artist showcase,activities to programs, it has numerous things going on inside in every nook and corner. I observed variety of things in the museum,For example, when I walked through the museum of  French history, the design of the building was like old Pantheon Columns. Apart from that when I visited the Museum, there were some exhibitions going on about the Wildlife photography and about some Mesopotamian civilization, as I said in every nook and corner of the museum.When I was in there I went through various sections which had various exhibitions. I went through museum of natural history, museum of Japanese history, museum of Chinese history, etc. My best experience there was the Museum of Natural history. Damn ! When I went inside that section , I saw huge dinosaurs skeletons . While some of them were real, some were partially as well as fully fabricated. I was stunned to see some of the skeletons which were as old as 25000 years !


I took a Toronto city pass combo of different places which included the sightseeing and costed around 60.89 Cad plus the taxes !

How to Reach

The place is well connected by subway line. One has to get down to Museum station. The museum is about 50 meters from there.
Here is a useful map showing location of Royal Ontario Museum of Toronto.

Location map of Royal Ontario Museum

Location map of Royal Ontario Museum

Published On: Wednesday, January 15th, 2014