The place where Land meets the Sea

Old Montreal Port or the old port is a last point of the city where the land meets the sea. This place is worth visiting because it gives us a spectacular and breathtaking view of the St. Lawrence river. As the name describes, this port was initially used for trade. A road from the port leads to the world famous Ritz-Carlton Hotel. In winters this port serves as the biggest ice skating rink in the city, as well as a destination for many winter activities.

How to reach Old Montreal Port 

#1 Take a walk

Well, in order to reach here one can take a walk in Old Montreal, which starts from the Basilica of Notre Dame.You just have to keep walking east towards the water and you will reach easily. I would prefer walking over any other mode of transportation as it will help you to experience the old walled city.

#2 By bus

One can board the bus no. 303 which runs on St. Urbain street and then turns left to Notre Dame west street. You can get down anywhere on the latter street and can continue walking down towards the water.

#3 Buggy ride

You can take a buggy ride which originates from right in front of the Notre Dame Basilica. All you need to do is to sit back and relax while the guide will take you on a tour of Old Montreal.

#4 By Metro/ Subway

You can get down at the Place-d-Armes metro station and can continue the journey on foot or you can board the bus no. 303.


Published On: Friday, January 3rd, 2014