New York - Apple Stands out

What your eye sees and processes is what matters.

My eye saw the Apple logo first. Sorry, but that is what I saw and composed this picture. I was 9 ft above the ground on this sightseeing bus and I see this Apple logo looking back at me, fumbled for my camera and got what I wished. Only when I saw this photograph late the same evening at home, did I realize that there were bonus visuals in this picture. Surprise bonus visuals made this shot complete.

This is New York City and yes, surprises never cease out here. I kind of have fallen in love with this chaotic perfection called New York. This city has unlimited energy and incalculable experiences in store. The only thing required of you is to keep your eyes open. What do I say about what I love most about this city? May be it is only about surprises like this without which I would term my New York experience as incomplete. This city has layers and layers to it, you can begin from any layer and start peeling, it is impossible that you would reach to the matter underneath, or is there any matter underneath? Probably not. Probably this city is just layers of imagination built over layers of perception. A perfect African-American walking with his backpack, busy with his mobile phone. A perfect YSL bag following an apple phone lightly swinging from the shoulder of a girl wearing shades but looking at the world without them. A perfect Apple logo designed by its founder to look smart, everywhere.

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This New York calls me back, if only to look at that Starbucks cup or those well-positioned feet under that table or what those reflections are on the glass. NYC is waiting to be discovered, do keep time on hand and once again, eyes always open.

Published On: Monday, September 16th, 2013