Romantic Road, Germany

Romantische Straße or Romantic Road In Germany

The Romantic Road in Germany served as a trade route during the medieval period. It finds its way through picturesque hamlets, walled towns and remote parts of the countryside. An arched gateway will lead you to Romantic Road. Once you enter Romantic Road, you can watch the splendid historic hotels, half-timbered fachwerk houses and the medieval Gothic cathedrals. You can find numerous splendid hotels strewn across the medieval road. Travelers can put up at the historic hotel located in Rothenburg while touring the place. Along the long stretch of Romantic Road, you can find a beautiful town that can be traced back to medieval times. If you go farther south of Romantic Road, you can see the famous musical theater known as the Neuschwanstein. The fairytale castle of Ludwig can also be found on the southern portion of the Romantic Road.

The Romantic Road is the only road in Germany dating back to the middle ages that has been nicely preserved. It is one of the stunning German tourist attractions. While traversing the long 360 km stretch of the Romantic Road, the travelers will come across many notable historic sights of Germany that also include a magnificent palace with a baroque garden.

The Fussen Reutte region, which is an important part of the Romantic Road, is a popular sightseeing destination, offering breathtaking vistas of gorgeous mountains and fabulous landscapes. The Romantic Road also acts as the venue where still many medieval festivals are held. If you are lucky enough, you can also participate in the medieval festival held here.

Published On: Monday, June 3rd, 2013