NYC - Extra Large

Put anything and NYC would make it Extra Large

NYC announces itself, and the way in which it announces itself leaves you with only two choices - 1. Become Extra large 2. Go to a shrink and get treated for depression. This is New York City everything about it is extra large and if you are not, this city doesn't care for you and you don't belong here. That is New York for beginners, I will say.

I have been to New York several times and this city doesn't stop teaching me how big it can get. It tells me to go beyond imagination, it tells me to look at others and how they have achieved what they have achieved by going beyond normal or acceptable. Make it big, make it New York size is what my heart tells me.

To get a reality check about New York, best is to hop on a double decker bus and experience the city in about two hours. Change your perspective, make yourself extra large and step in. Let your extremely high mojo factor take over your approach of how you conduct yourself here. This hoarding is the one which announced New York to me and I realized I had been missing this size and scale.

Love you New York, I will do justice to you in my blogs, extra large way.

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Published On: Tuesday, September 10th, 2013