Dragon Mart, Dubai

Dubai Dragon Mart is all about Chinese wares and services.

The Dragon Mart of Dubai is considered as one of the major tourist attractions in Dubai because tourists love to spend time shopping for various trinkets. Dubai Dragon Mart attracts native residents of Dubai as well as of Emirates who are in the habit of picking up some exclusive Chinese products. Lots of foreign retailers meet in this complex and it is very easy to get a wide variety of Chinese goods at reasonable prices. The competition is pretty high among the traders and this is why people get affordable foreign products at Dragon Mart. The target customers are from Middle East and Africa and they get highly facilitated by this huge display of Chinese products as they get all sorts of Chinese goods under one roof.

Dubai Dragon Mart is divided into seven districts and each district offers specialized service like banking, post office, courier, travel and tourism, international trade consultation, express mail, commercial laws consultation, customer care support, etc. Dubai Dragon Mart has got a huge parking space and it is also counted as a popular venue for business conferences, management office works and food exhibitions. The Dubai Dragon Mart is not a simple project which only focuses on products; it also includes Chinese culture, restaurants, gardens and heritage.

It is evident that Dubai Dragon Mart is indeed a highly significant project as far as international trade and tourism are concerned.

Photo by Ahmed Rabea

Published On: Saturday, July 27th, 2013