Covent Garden, London

Covent Garden - A Spicy Entertainment Zone in London

Covent Garden in London is glitziest entertainment zone. The very name of Covent Garden conjures up images of fascinating shops, the renowned Royal Opera house, it's street performers, the gastronomical delights on offer, a happening party scene, etc. One can go on and on about the manifold attractions of Covent Garden.

Here at Covent Garden, London, everyday is a celebration of life with special events and entertainment, which are held every day of the week and 365 days a year. Life is one big party at Covent Garden.

Covent Garden is also a hub of museums and galleries.  As far as museums and galleries are concerned, Covent Garden is perhaps the world's richest concentration of theatres, art galleries and museums.

Yes, theatres thrive at Covent Garden, particularly the West End junction. Who doesn't know about the National Theatre with its never ending list of high quality theater production or for that matter Aldwych, Donmar Warehouse or the Lyceum to name just a few.

Covent Garden is also a bustling market place - not only is Covent Garden, London famous for its cultural façades, but it's markets too are absolutely superb to say the least. The markets of Covent Garden are backed by history, which dates back to the 1670s.

Today, a visit to the Apple Market or the Jubilee Market Hall is choc-a-bloc with shops selling curios that range from antiques to jewelry and even unusual handicrafts. The Covent Garden Market is also where the film and musical My Fair Lady begins.

A visit to Covent Garden is an education in itself and a meticulous trip to some of the world famous museums in London like the British Museum, London Transport Museum, the National Portrait Gallery and even the Somerset House or, for that matter, the Hermitage Rooms, all provide a fascinating glimpse of world culture. The best part is that almost all the museums are child friendly and some even have child-friendly exhibits.

If you find the glitz and glamour of Covent Garden repulsive, a great way to spend some time in silent contemplation is by paying a visit to the majestic St. Paul's Church, which is located to the West of Covent Garden Piazza.

All in all, at Covent Garden, London, a bewildering array of entertainment options are available and the first-time visitor will be spoilt for choice.

Photo By : Andreas Praefcke (Own work (own photograph)) [CC-BY-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Published On: Monday, June 10th, 2013