Berlin Festival of Lights

Imagine a whole city becoming an art exhibition, a 'Light Art' exhibition.

The last two days of my visit to Germany were spent in the glorious city of Berlin. With a city like Berlin, with so much history and significance, two days seemed too little to explore its little joys. I got on one of those Hop-on Hop-off buses, to have a quick express tour of the city. After a busy day, walking down from the famous Checkpoint Charlie, I reached Potsdamer Platz, a popular city square. I knew something was happening here, the lights could be seen from afar. Exploring the city on a crisp October evening, I walked into Berlin's Festival of Lights.

Amazing Berlin's Festival of Lights

Potsdamer Platz - Berlin Festival of Lights

The city square at Potsdamer Platz lit up like Christmas eve.

The square at Potsdamer Platz was lit up like Christmas eve. The whole city I learnt, became a big massive 'Light Art' exhibit. Well known landmarks of Berlin were illuminated, with light shows. Every year in October, projections are placed around the city, the whole city vibrates with lights, colors, and designs. The Festival this year was from 9th-20th October.

The Riot of Colors

  Riot of Colors - Berlin Festival of Lights

With light projections everywhere, it was like an immersive art exhibition.

There were colors everywhere, on the floor, on the buildings, and Berlin's iconic landmarks. Walking on this magical lit up floor, was quite a fascinating experience. Berlin's Festival of Lights lasts for 12 nights and offers a world of adventure every October.

Who Wants a Green Ride?

Pedicabs - Berlin Festival of Lights

Even the pedicabs were decked up to glow. Popular among tourists.

Walking down Berlin, you can't miss the cool little cycle rickshaws or pedicabs. A fun alternative to trains, cheaper than taxis, and greener than all combined. Alternatively you could rent bikes; Berlin is a very bike friendly city, with bike rentals starting from EUR 8 per day. Even at night, you could spot Berliners going about their way on these green machines.

What's That On The Building?

Flickering images on buildings - Berlin Festival of Lights

What an awe inspiring experience, flickering images on buildings across from Potsdamer Platz.

Berlin Festival of Lights - Light Art

Are those polka dots real or projected light?

Standing in the middle of Potsdamer Platz square, it was an awe-inspiring moment, watching the lights changing colors on the building before me. From famous cultural icons to symbols from around the world, during the Festival of Lights, as the sun goes down, Berlin transforms into one large exhibition, with light installations by artists from around the world.

Light Art At The Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg Gate - Berlin Festival of Lights

Around 8 pm the presentation started and the famous Brandenburg Gate became the site of an illuminated art exhibit.

Brandenburg Gate  illuminated with 3D light projections

The famous Brandenburg Gate illuminated with 3D light projections.

Brandenburg Gate - Illuminated

I stood there, as fascinated as a little child, in awe of the lights show on this famous landmark in Berlin.

Brandenburg Gate - Panoramic view

Panoramic view of the Illuminated Brandenburg Gate, Berlin.

One kilometer from the Potsdamer Platz square was the famous Brandenburg Gate. With a light drizzle in the air, I walked into the complex of Germany's famous landmark, which was set up as a subject for light projections. The 3D light projections on the  Brandenburg Gate started around 8 pm and made this historic place into a magical theater. I couldn't resist pulling out the camera to make a quick video.

Video: Brandenburg Gate - Berlin's Festival of Lights

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If you're planning a trip to Berlin in October, or want a break after attending the Frankfurt Book Fair in the same month, I'll suggest visiting this historic city, not just for its rich history, but for its fascinating Festival of Lights.

Published On: Tuesday, October 29th, 2013