Avenue of Stars is located in Tsim Sha Tsui District of Kowloon Peninsula. I took a metro train to Kowloon from Hong Kong Island, to reach Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade. By delving deeper into its background, I learned that this place was built on the lines of Hollywood Walk of fame, to recognize the outstanding contribution of Hong Kong Film Industry professionals, and to promote local tourism. I was impressed by the place, its set-up, and vision behind creating this interesting place in the year 2004 when it was opened for public for the first time. A well-thought vision and strategic location of this place make it one of the most sought-after places for tourists who visit Hong Kong. Located on the southern side of Salisbury Garden and surrounded by an array of tourist attractions like Museum of Art, Space Museum, Culture Centre and Clock Tower, this place is always jam-packed with people from all over the world. Stretched 440 meters across the shoreline of Victoria Bay, this promenade is dotted artistically with benches to sit on, jogging tracks, landscaping and a well-laid walkway with appealing art installations. Some of Hong Kong’s Luxurious Hotel chains form an impressive backdrop to this Promenade's sidewalk. Hotel Intercontinental occupies one of the best vantage points, guests residing here can get an unobstructed view of one of the world’s most photographed sites - Victoria Harbourfront. Tsim Sha Tsui mall is just a few meters away from this place and offers some of the best shopping and dining options.

A 4.5-meter-high replica of Statuette presented to the winners at Hong Kong Film awards is of one of the prominent art installations, right at the entrance to this promenade if one enters from the Culture Centre side. Walking a little further, one comes across a 2.5-meter-tall Bronze statue of Bruce Lee. These sculptures form an interesting backdrop for tourists clicking selfies or trying to capture the captivating grandeur of the Victoria Waterfront skyline. Along the entire promenade, I noticed commemorative plaques, handprints of celebrities inlaid on the floor tiles with their signatures, descriptive milestones, and movie memorabilia. If you find the daytime view of the Hong Kong skyline and sailing ferries or ships enchanting, then you will find the ‘Symphony of Lights show’ across Victoria Harbor front as the sun sets down, dazzling. In case you want to capture the ever changing look of the Hong Kong skyline, block your place well in advance, as this place gets crowded and everyone wants to catch a glimpse of the impressive Hong Kong Skyline at night with traditional sampans and large Luxury ships sailing across the sea on their night cruises. All I can say is that I was enthralled by both day and night views from this place.

If you are still not exhausted and crave for more, then musical performances near the entrance can further captivate your mood. With a cool breeze blowing and gazing at shining lights along the pathway of the Promenade, I felt so relaxed and calm that I didn’t want to leave this place….time just flew. I salute the thoughtful idea behind putting up such an organized and entertaining place which is a real tribute, not only to Hong Kong’s Film Fraternity but also an impressive way to promote Local tourism.

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Published On: Monday, November 17th, 2014