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Digger's Diner

Digger’s Diner is a casual restaurant that serves old-fashioned, classic American food, including classic burgers, as well as some dishes that are hard to find today, like patty melts, reubens, and malted shakes. It has won awards for its food over the years, including “Best Burgers” and “Best Hot Dogs,” and scored high for its(…)

Published On: Monday, August 19th, 2013
J & D Gourmet Food Bar - Looks Bad, Tastes Hmm...

J & D Gourmet Food Bar - Looks Bad, Tastes Hmm...

Quick Review: Restaurant? J & D Gourmet Food Bar, 9 Hay St  Sydney, Australia What? Omelet with mushrooms, olives and sun-dried tomatoes How Much? Australian $ 9.50 Omelet? Yes, they call it a gourmet omelet. I call it a chef’s funeral. Come to think of it, they actually served it to me. They expected me to(…)

Published On: Saturday, August 3rd, 2013
Laili Restaurant

Laili Restaurant

There is a lot – I mean, a LOT – of mediocre Middle Eastern food out there. Here’s your hummus, here’s you falafel, here’s your pita, thanks a lot, pal. That’ll be $15.99. It a cuisine that’s kind of hard to get excited about because, especially to an American, it’s distinct, but it’s not different,(…)

Published On: Tuesday, July 16th, 2013