The Dutch Baby and Fresh Fruit Crepe

The Dutch Baby and Fresh Fruit Crepe


Like its name suggests, the Original Pancake House is an old favorite, known for its wide variety of pancakes. Though the restaurant is a chain with about 100 franchises, it doesn't have the commercial feel of large-scale breakfast places like Denny's. Instead, it's the neighborhood cafe where the waiters know all their customers – or at least treat them like they do. That, along with the huge portions and real, quality ingredients are what make Original Pancake House successful. The Original Pancake House is my go-to breakfast spot when I'm in need of something familiar and filling.

Though the restaurant's signature dish are obviously its pancakes, the unique ones it offers are not your standard pancakes. The menu features an entire page dedicated to types of pancakes, from the usual buttermilk, blueberry, or pecan pancakes, to more unusual options like Hawaiian Pancakes with pineapple and coconut, served with a tropical syrup, or the bacon pancakes made with real bacon. Other simple options include potato options topped with either sour cream or applesauce, buckwheat pancakes, sourdough or wheat germ pancakes. Aside from the pancakes, the Original Pancake House specializes in omelettes and some great crepes, like the Tahitian Maiden's Dream, a crepe filled with bananas and a sauce made with sour cream, Triple Sec, sherry, and brandy. The menu at Original Pancake House has just about every breakfast option there is, but I recommend the sweet treats here over the savory.

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The Original Pancake House is housed in an old wooden A-frame building. The interior is bright and clean and comfortable. There is a lot of seating, which is separated in the middle by the kitchen. Right in front of the kitchen is counter seating for a few single diners or small parties. The restaurant is a good family spot for a casual breakfast or brunch.


The owner and waitstaff are always pleasant to us. Food can take a while to come out when the restaurant is busy, but they always warn you when you order something that takes extra time to prepare. The waiters and waitresses are friendly, though busy, and our coffees were refilled frequently.


More expensive than your typical breakfast chain restaurant. However, the ingredients you get at the Original Pancake House are why – real cream for your coffee, real whipped cream, fresh-squeezed orange juice, and the best bacon I've had (totally unlike bacon I've had anywhere else).


As a regular customer at the Original Pancake House, I've had the opportunity to try many of their menu options. I've enjoyed many of their pancakes and crepes, and have settled on a few absolute favorites.

The Original Pancake House might be best known for the Dutch Baby – an entree I've never seen on a menu anywhere else. A Dutch Baby is a German pancake, baked in a large pan. The eggy dough rises high in the pan, and the center falls back down when it's removed from the oven, leaving the edges puffy. The Dutch Baby is served with lemon slices, powdered sugar, butter and maple syrup. It's perfect with just the lemons and powdered sugar.

My other favorite are the fresh fruit crepes, made with whatever fruit is in season. This time, the crepe was filled with strawberries, and piled high on top with more strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries. The fruit-topped crepe is dusted with powdered sugar, and served with a heaping cup of real, thick whipped cream, and a side of hot berry syrup. The fresh fruit is perfectly ripe and sweet, and there is certainly plenty of it. In fact, all the portions here are very good, leaving me super full every time. I usually try to save room for a side of the crispy, thick-cut bacon, but both of these meals are too filling.

The Original Pancake House is a great alternative to your standard breakfast spot, when you're in the mood for some real, fresh ingredients, high quality food, and interesting pancake options.


As mentioned, there are about 100 locations for the Original Pancake House. My favorite is the one located in Fremont's historic Gaslight Square, right on Fremont Boulevard, across from the Fremont Hub. Parking is plenty, though it does get full on weekend mornings.

Address: 39222 Fremont Blvd

Fremont, CA 94538

Phone: 510-744-1957


  • Monday–Friday 6 am – 2 pm
  • Saturday and Sunday 7 am – 3 pm



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