The Fatty Bao

The Fatty Bao has made its entry in New Delhi after its success in Mumbai and Bangalore

Okay, so Delhi has a new dining destination. Now, if you are tired of the Saket, VK malls, the overcrowded Hauz Khas Village and only-great-in-winters Khan Market, the new place to try is Sangam Courtyard in R.K. Puram. Besides Starbucks and Cherry Comet instant ice cream, it already has a smattering of restaurants worth trying. To top it, when I realized that The Fatty Bao had made its entry in New Delhi after its success in Mumbai and Bangalore, I was game for it, hook, line, and sinker. And really, it is such a cute name – The Fatty Bao! 🙂

The Location

2nd Floor, Sangam Courtyard, Sector 9, R K Puram, New Delhi

The old Sangam cinema has been transformed into swanky eating places, and the crowd seems to be happening too.

The Parking

The parking is in the complex. If you park in the open area, no one will stop you, but while leaving, you will be charged a couple of hundred bucks under the pretext that the driveway is reserved for valet parking only. So, watch out.

The Timings

12 – 3 PM

7 PM – 1 AM

The Ambiance

The ambiance is warm, inviting, smart and quirky. I loved it. The ceiling has the old factory shed sort of look with the AC ducting showing. Bright walls with graffiti, reminiscent of Kung Fu Panda, are complemented by bright lights with metallic insects and butterflies streaming out. You can settle down at high tables with bar stools, lounging sofas, or regular wooden tables and chairs. Making a prior reservation is definitely recommended as the place is always packed with diners.

The Service

The service is outstanding. The waiters are friendly and well-informed and the floor manager makes it a point to come to your table, ask your opinion, and also suggest the signature dishes.

The Food

When in TheFatty Bao, try their Baos. 🙂 A baozi or Bao (or bau, humbow, pow, nunu, pao or Pau) is a steamed bun or a bread-like item made in various Chinese cuisines, and can have an assortment of fillings – both veg or non-veg. Truly, the ones I had tried in Hong Kong earlier didn't quite catch my fancy, but I had to see what the baos here were all about.

I ordered The Patty Bao (₹340) because I liked the wit in the name! It was an open bao with minced mutton and pickled gherkins in black bean sauce. Two plump baos were very delicious. The meat was well-cooked and contrasted well with the softness of the Bao and the crunchiness and tang of the pickle. The concept of open baos is much nicer than the traditional ones as there is more filling and the bread part is not overpowering.

The Fried Eggplant Bao (₹280) was out of the world and not to be missed. You are served two open baos with a filling of crunchy fried eggplant (which was miso-marinated) and kimchi cabbage to make it tangy. Sriracha sauce added to the spicy quotient. I just loved this dish.

Nasi Lemak with Ayam Goreng (₹455) is a large portion of coconut and pandan-flavored rice topped with spice-marinated fried chicken and served with boiled egg, Sambal (sauce) and marinated peanuts. The dish looked attractive and tasted as good as it looked.

Jungle Curry with Seafood (₹545) is a curry with fish and prawn. This is a light but spicy dish with flavors of kaffir lime leaves, peppercorns, galangal, and lemongrass. I was disappointed with this dish. It was overtly spicy and had too much pepper that didn't let the shrimp or fish be the hero of the dish. I personally felt that it should be presented with a bowl of steamed rice as it had no accompaniment. It is unlike other dishes which are complete meals on their own.

Thai Green Curry with Vegetables (₹345) had vegetables and pineapple. It was served prettily with Sambal, crackers, fried onions, and peanuts. It was superb. I loved the homemade green curry paste and the freshness it lent to the dish.

I had to order Jasmine Rice (₹150) and Vegetable and Garlic Noodles (₹175) to go with curries. Though they were well made, there was too much on the table, even for four.

The desserts here are quite popular. So, I decided to try the Japanese cheesecake (₹265). It's so beautiful and light, unlike the heavy New York cheesecake. In fact, it was quite fluffy and served with a delicious berry compote, raspberry sorbet, lemon ash meringues and a pistachio crumble. Can you picture the goodness? 😉

I also tried their most popular Coco Caramel (₹265). Now picture this in your mind: a milk chocolate ganache, praline crunch, peanut pastry cream, cocoa nib tulle, salted caramel ice cream, toasted meringue and salted caramel ... This looks and tastes every bit as divine as it sounds. Its goodness lingers on, and it has a beautiful presentation, too.

If you ask me my overall experience, I loved the ambiance, extraordinary presentations, and the flavors at this Pan-Asian bistro. I would definitely come back, and probably enjoy a meal of the baos and dessert.

The Pricing

It is slightly on the expensive side as compared to its counterpart in Bangalore. A meal for four set us back by around 4000 bucks (with shared desserts), excluding drinks. But still, it's a great place to go!

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Published On: Monday, November 2nd, 2015