J & D Gourmet Food Review

Who would like to eat this? I did.

Quick Review:

Restaurant? J & D Gourmet Food Bar, 9 Hay St  Sydney, Australia

What? Omelet with mushrooms, olives and sun-dried tomatoes

How Much? Australian $ 9.50

Omelet? Yes, they call it a gourmet omelet. I call it a chef's funeral. Come to think of it, they actually served it to me. They expected me to accept it, eat it and move on. I did the same. Their menu didn't specify what they add when they make this omelet. They had a section of toppings and I opted for three: mushrooms; olives;  sun-dried tomatoes. When it was explored beneath its almost black casing, bell-peppers, onion rings and cheese were also discovered. I decided to go ahead and try it anyway to see how bad it is, it indeed was a below average omelet. I am sure this is the worst they could serve. As this restaurant is based in the tourist hub of Sydney, I am sure they get away with this. The most surprising thing about this are the flowery reviews in Yelp and other websites. Giving 4/5 to this mess is unpardonable and misleading.  They took 25 minutes to create this rubbish.

Would I go there again? Yes. When I come back to haunt them after I die, I will ensure that they don't serve any of this.

Do I recommend? I recommend this place be shut down.

Rating? 0/5

Fact: A blogger from Mapsofworld.com team visited the above place at 8:10 am on August 3/2013. He was not issued a receipt and only the balance was returned.

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Published On: Saturday, August 3rd, 2013