Italian Food at Iozzos Garden of Italy, Indiana

A perfect venue for social gatherings and birthday dinners

If you’re going through an Italian food phase, you’re in luck. After all, Italian restaurants are known for their elegance and make perfect venues for social gatherings and birthday dinners with friends. Iozzo’s Garden of Italy in Indianapolis is the first place that comes to my mind when I think of planning a social event in Indiana and enjoying pretty amazing food at the same time.

The Location

Iozzo’s Garden of Italy is located in the heart of Indianapolis just south of Shapiro’s. If you live downtown or are just visiting the city, this place cannot be hard to find. There are several parking spots available right in front of the restaurant even when it’s most crowded during lunch hours.

Address: 946 South Meridian Street, Indianapolis, IN 46225

The Hours

  • Monday- Thursday 11:00am- 10:00pm
  • Friday- 11:00am-Close
  • Saturday- 4:00pm- Close
  • Sunday 4:00pm- 8:00pm

The Ambiance

You might want to make reservations if you have a lot of company – not only because there’s a chance you’d have to wait for seating but because making reservations in advance at Iozzo’s would mean getting a perfectly arranged table and a remarkable service. The servers would even remember the occasion you have arrived to celebrate which is pleasing, I believe.

You could even choose to be seated at the super cute outdoor patio, which is reminiscent of Little Italy.

Lunch hours could get pretty crowded and you’d have to sit amongst a lot of people at the bar if that’s the case. But, oh well, I assure you that the yummy food makes up for the noisy surrounding.

The Service

The wait doesn’t feel too long once you’re served salad and soup. Even if you are starving, the toasted bread served with an olive oil blend and especially the wine makes it easier to patiently wait for the entrées.

The Price

Good Italian food is never really reasonable. However, the fact that the food is super filling and you’d have leftovers to eat the next day makes up for the price you pay after the meal. Credit cards are accepted and they are always happy to split the bill in two or ten depending on the number of people at the table and if everybody wants to pay separately.

The Food

I guess no one can really go too wrong with pasta, but this place definitely serves the best cheese ravioli I have ever tasted. My personal favorite at Italian restaurants is alfredo fettuccine and Iozzo’s does a pretty good job at that entrée as well. They even have options for the different things that you might want to put in the entrée such as sundried tomatoes but I usually like only the pasta with nothing additional. If you ask me, the best part about eating pasta is being able to add some tobasco in the food. Especially if you’re used to spicy flavorful food, you ought to like the food much more after adding tobasco to it.

Since I have already established my favorite Italian entrées, I am usually certain as to what I’d order but the menu at Iozzo’s Garden of Italy comes with so much of variety that you’re actually in luck if you like to experiment with food.

The drinks and desserts are a delight as well. It’s always a good idea to order one bottle of wine and then split the price amongst everyone on the table. Or you could even get a fancy chocolate martini if you’re not a big fan of wine.

Also, I wouldn’t even want to get started on how heavenly the chocolate mousse tastes at Iozzo’s. I won’t think twice before planning another birthday dinner at this wonderful restaurant. Trust me, you shouldn’t either.

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Published On: Wednesday, July 10th, 2013