Giorgio's Italian Food and Pizzeria Restaurant Review

Giorgio's Italian Food and Pizzeria - Milpitas

The Bay Area has quite a few Italian restaurants. Actually, each of the 12 odd cities have at least two good Italian places from which to choose. Yesterday, we were told to choose between Macaroni Grill and Giorgio's Italian Food & Pizzeria. It was a tough choice.  We had already experienced Macaroni Grill and would have loved to repeat it. We thought, at the same time, about the possibility that the experience at Giorgio's could be even better. We thought over it and decided to try Giorgio's instead. Usually, we check reviews of a restaurant before entering it. This, however, was in the presence of our hosts. So, we just went for it.

Location: 643, E Calaveras Blvd, Milpitas, California 95035 USA.

This place is located within what is known as the Milpitas Shopping Center.

Phone: 408 942 1292.

Interiors: Casual but fine dining. It is tastefully done. The place displays character, but doesn't have to "talk about" design hotspots.

Reservations: They are definitely required on weekends. On weekdays, one can find a table. I am told Friday, Saturday and Sunday are very busy days. We went on "Happy Wednesday." Yes, "Happy Wednesday!" In order to encourage more people to come mid-week, they offer a Wednesday special deal. Some amongst us wanted to go course by course. However, we went ahead and ordered the restaurant's fixed menu for 4-6 people.

Hostess: Very business-like and tutored. She knew what she had to do and probably did it day-in and day-out - nothing more, nothing less.

Staff: Suited and booted. They could perfectly attend a wedding in their uniform.

Server: He was good.  I asked him whether he knew Italian or whether he has ever been to Italy. He didn't know the language, he said. He added that he has plans in place to go to Italy.

Crockery: Regular porcelain. Finer crockery would have definitely worked better with this décor. On the other hand, where forks and knives have to do their job, regular thick porcelain is best.

Water Glasses: They had a full bar and a good collection of fine glasses. The glasses were very appropriate for all kinds of drinks.

Table and seating: Comfortable. The tables were well laid out. There was enough privacy at the table. There was also enough elbow room.

Food: We ordered their Wednesday meal for 4-6. Iced tea was perfect. The salad bowl had great portions. They said it was for 4-6 people. I was sure a seventh could have had some too. The lettuce was absolutely fresh and crisp. We ordered bruschetta apart from the meal. It was good overall with a great spinach leaf part in it. The medium-sized cheese pizza was so yummy! It melted in your mouth. The oven, the baker and the raw material all mapped very well. The spaghetti in marinara sauce was regular. The sauce, of course, was fresh and made within the restaurant and it didn't have that commercial taste. We liked it.

The highlight of the meal was the barbecued honey mustard chicken. It was delicious and really well-cooked. One didn't have to fight with it or make it fly to the next plate using the fork and knife. It tasted awesome. The five of us couldn't finish anything completely other than the salad and bruschetta on the table.

They were not hurrying us at all. We took our time and had a leisurely dinner. It was a great experience.  We all wanted to have a go at dessert, but we were too full for the same.

The staff at Giorgio's volunteered to pack our leftovers which are now going to feed us for 2-3 days. If you are in San Jose, Santa Clara or Milpitas, drop by this outlet. Chances are, you would enjoy it immensely. Come when hungry, though. Very hungry.

Published On: Thursday, May 23rd, 2013