Diggin, New Delhi — Restaurant Review

Review of Diggin Restaurant (New Delhi)

Located conveniently in Anand Lok, Diggin has made its place in the cafe style eateries in Delhi and is always a welcome venue for coffee and a bite.

The Location

No. 1& 2  Anand Lok Shopping Centre
Opp Gargi College, New Delhi

The Seating

It can seat a little more than 80 people.  Ample seating usually ensures nobody’s kept waiting,  which is a relief!

The Ambiance

I just love the place!  It’s a pretty little corner of a small market with a quaint stairway going up to the first floor restaurant.  It’s really a welcome sight to see the wooden swing and outdoorsy seating,  casual bohemian decor inside (done up by the owner's mom,  actually! ) with books and bookshelves,  posters,  English wall plates,  and wall clocks  reminiscent of an English tea house. It looks even prettier in the evenings, when the fairy lights come on.

The Service

The service is reasonably fine and the wait staff reasonably polite.

The Food

The plating,  portions and the flavors are a hit!

I tried their special salad (Rs. 215), which is a vegetarian option but can be topped with chicken or bacon( Rs. 65) .  It’s a delicious  salad with crisp lettuce and  rocket,  cherry tomatoes, cooked beetroot, minty apples topped with goat cheese in  balsamic and honey. I loved it, but I hope  next time it’s a little chilled with a generous portions of goat cheese.

The Mushroom Feta Pizza (Rs. 325) was light,  thin crust and perfect. The Baked Penne in Red Sauce (Rs. 325) was ordinary,  but,  no complaints.

I loved the Lamb Lasagna (Rs. 395). It had hints of home-style rustic cooking and was rich with perfectly cooked mince.

I also tried the carbonara as  not many restaurants can do it well,  but this one matched my expectations,  with the egg coating perfectly smooth, not split and the bacon crisp but not tough.

The desserts are genuinely to die for with  each better than the other. It’s a tough choice but I would suggest the Coffee Creme Brulee (Rs. 150)  the blueberry cheese cake (Rs. 175), the Oreo Brownie Cheesecake(Rs. 195) and the Chocolate Fondant( Rs. 195),  which had the most glorious oozy chocolate sauce in it. The red velvet cake and tiramisu which are also better than average definitely, have to be given a miss because one is too spoilt for choice!

Diggin is a lovely restaurant cum cafe, perfect for any time of the day. It appears more of an ideal girlie hangout with delicious food in generous portions. Definitely, a must go again!

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Diggin, New Delhi
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Published On: Monday, August 10th, 2015