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World’s Best Travel Apps

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Traveling is what we turn to when we want repose from our hectic, monotonous lives. But mind you, traveling takes a lot of planning and preparation. Have you ever thought…

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World's Best Travel Apps

Take a look at the World’s Best Travel Apps

Traveling is what we turn to when we want repose from our hectic, monotonous lives. But mind you, traveling takes a lot of planning and preparation. Have you ever thought what if this breath of fresh air in our routine lives turns out to be a storm and adds to stress from which we are running? But don’t worry! Here comes this handpicked assortment of smartphone apps to your rescue. We have shortlisted some apps that will help you plan your trip easily and make your travel smooth!

Places I've TraveledPlaces I’ve Traveled

[Available on: iOS]

It’s a perfect app to give an ego boost to your wanderlust. This app not only keeps a track of the distance you have traveled but also has a ‘leaderboard’ to help you keep track of the distance traveled by your fellow travelers. This app comes with other interesting features such as pinned maps pointing places you have visited and a photo enhancer. Places I've Traveled



[Available on: iOS, Android]

Waze wins over other mapping applications because it gives you real-time traffic updates from travelers en route. Apart from information on traffic and other hassles, this world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app also gives you information about the cheapest gas station, nearby food joints, etc. Waze



[Available on: iOS, Android, Windows and others]

It’s an amazing app for music lovers. You can set it on offline mode as well. You can play around 3,000 songs for 30 days; it’s perfect for short as well as long holidays. If you have an existing iTunes library, you can sync it with the app. Spotify App


Google MapsGoogle Maps

[Available on: iOS, Android]

Traveling with a smartphone without Google Maps on it is a crime nowadays. Google Maps is hands down the most popular and widely used navigation mapping app worldwide. You can also use this offline by using the feature ‘make this map area available offline’. Google Maps



[Available on: iOS, Android]

True to its tagline – The fastest, easiest way to plan travel! There are many apps that help us in booking flights, cars and hotels at cheap prices, but this one goes a step ahead. This app, apart from arranging regular accommodations, connects you to the people who have space and are willing to rent them out to travelers. It also helps in planning an effortless trip in term of flight changes and layovers. Its ‘price graph’ is a special feature to look out for while planning a budget trip. Hipmunk



[Available on: iOS, Android]

This is an all-in-one app – find the right flight, the perfect hotel, and even manage your itinerary or track your flight status. Apart from regular notifications, this ultimate flight and travel planner gives price alerts; for instance, if you have set an alert on flights, then whenever the ticket prices go down for a particular destination, you will immediately get to know about it. Kayak App



[Available on: iOS, Android]

After bookings comes the dreadful packing. It is a nightmare especially for ladies when it comes to deciding what to take and what to leave. This app helps you in that task. You just have to fill in simple details like destination and days of trip and Eureka! You will have a customized packing list. Well, that also depends on the kind of tour and the activities planned. PackPoint APP



[Available on: iOS, Android]

Do you need someone to travel with you just to take care of your bookings, itinerary, and logistics? Your wish has been granted. Right from flight tracking to hotel reservations to car rentals to babysitter’s number, TripIt does all that and much more for you in an easy accessible way. TripIt App


FlightTrackFlightTrack 5

[Available on: iOS, Android]

What makes this app a necessity is its offline capabilities. Apart from providing real-time updates on flights, which can be deciphered from its name, it gives information on delays and cancellations along with maps for 3,000 airports. FlightTrack App

Photo TranslatorPhoto Translator Free

[Available on: iOS, Android]

Traveling to a foreign land and feeling alienated because of the language. Do Not Worry! Your smartphones are your best companions and the Photo Translator app will make you feel at home in a foreign land. All you need to do is tap the camera and point your phone at a sign or something else with printed words to get an instant translation.

Photo Translator App

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