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10 Famous Honeymoon Destinations Around The World

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Come winters and marriages seem to be happening all around. And marriages of course,need to be followed by honeymoons. No matter which part of the world you are from, or…

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Come winters and marriages seem to be happening all around. And marriages of course,need to be followed by honeymoons. No matter which part of the world you are from, or what age you get married at, or how much your pocket can afford- if you are getting married, you go on a big honeymoon.

Here we have complied a list of ten famous honeymoon destinations across the world, without sparing a thought for how you are going to manage the finances for one.

1. Goa, India

Honeymoon in Goa

Goa – one of most beautiful honeymoon destinations in India

For Indians , the go-to destination for honeymooners is Goa. In fact, Goa is the go-to destination for anyone who wishes to party and have as good a time as the moral police in India will allow.

The Taj Group of hotels has a number of resorts in Goa including the Taj Aguada Fort and the Taj Village. If you are in the mood for a lavish honeymoon, book a sea view room at any of these hotels, and spend the days swimming in each other’s eyes (and sometimes in the crystal clear water of the hotels’ pools). Leave your lazy bed to go to the hotels’ dining hall where a sumptuous buffet spread awaits you.

Another option is checking in at one of the many tiny hotels that are just across the several beaches at Goa. Book a motorcycle for the days that you are vacationing there. Spend the day biking along the roads of Goa that lead to the seashore. The tall shrubs lining the sea shore give you enough privacy for the endearments you wish to whisper to each other as you make stops along the way. In the evening, hit one of the shacks at Baga Beach that serve delicious seafood and the famous ‘feni’.
If you are really in the mood for the churches of old Goa, you could take half a day’s bus tour to the place.

2. Paris, France


Honeymoon in Paris

Paris – One of the most romantic honeymoon destinations in the world.

We don’t know what is responsible for Paris earning its name as the number one romantic destination of the world- Paris’s palatial hotels, the long corridors of museums that provide lovers the perfect seclusion to steal a kiss, or the seductively beautiful French people. All we know is that Paris continues to be the Mecca for lovers. For honeymooners, who are looking for ways to consecrate their love by a flamboyant gesture, a honeymoon in one of the exorbitant hotels in Paris, may be just the thing.

You could even try eloping to Paris for your wedding.

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3. Cozumel, Mexico

Truth be told, Cozumel is a little partial to divers. The place is great for a honeymoon, with its royal blue waters and coral reefs calling out to the gold tanned swimmers and snorkelers who have made the Caribbean sea their second home. Cozumel is Mexico’s largest island, Cozumel has the second largest reef in the world, and if you want more reasons to be there- it has a very friendly set of people who serve the world’s best chimichanga s.

4. Venice, Italy

Honeymoon in Venice

Take a romantic gondola ride during your honeymoon

Venice has a lot more than gondola rides to offer to a honeymooner. You can hold your partner’s hands as you walk down quiet curving streets that open into a busy Venetian market, or you can share a pizza crafted with real cheese and pepperoni at one of the many piazzas here, or just stare down at the glistening waterways of the city. Venice has a lot to offer to a honeymooner, and even more, to an lovelorn romantic. Try Venice: it might just be the place that answers your feeling of deja-vu. Honeymoon is just an excuse.

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5. Naxos, Greece

Honeymoon in Naxos

Naxos – a great place for honeymooners

Naxos is one of the best islands in the archipelago of Greek islands. The turquoise waters of the Aegean sea, host this white island, that is known to be the childhood home of Zeus, the king of the Greek Gods. The island, like all other Greek islands, is known for its warm summers and windy weather. A great place for honeymooners who like to surf the sea and get some tan. After an enjoyable stay here, walk out in regal style, with a nice bronzed body, and the setting sun throwing pink beams behind you- just like a pair of Greek gods.

6. Mahe, Syechelles

A honeymoon at Mahe, Seychelles is the perfect panacea to all the stress and tension associated with planning and executing a marriage.
Mahe is the main island on Seychelles, and offers you an opportunity to be close to one of the best beaches in the world, as well as stay at a luxurious resort that befits your ‘honeymooning’ status. You just need to step of of your hotel, to enjoy the exciting nightlife that this tropical city has to offer, one that is perfect for heady honeymooners.
While in Mahe, you can make a trip to the world famous Anse Lazio Beach in the island of Praslin or go to the great Anse Source d’Argent Beach

7. Nairobi, Kenya

Kenya is for honeymooners, for whom there is no better way to begin the adventure of a married life, than journey into the heart of adventure itself- Masai Mara National Reserve. Stay at Nairobi or any one of the fancy honeymoon tents especially created for lovestruck vacationers like you- of course, if you are aching to see the lions of Africa on a early morning safari, then you wouldn’t care much about what color the curtains of your room are, or how downy your bed is. But to have your loved one right next to you, as you experience the thrill of a lion safari, is romance at a different level.

Take a Helicopter tour in Kenya.

8. Las Vegas, USA

Honeymoon in Vegas

Unleash your Mojo in the Sin City

How could we make a list of honeymoon getaways and leave out Las Vegas, the city where wild unbridled love bears fruit. For honeymooners who have still not got the fact that marriage is all about settling down, Las Vegas is the ideal destination for stirring things up. Spend all your waking moments in casinos, watch striptease acts- do whatever your whims dictate- after all, marriage is just the beginning of ‘crazy’.

Turn it up a notch and Get married in Vegas

9. Bangkok, Thailand

honeymoon in bangkok

Bangkok has a lot to offer to adventurous honeymooners!

Thailand is famous as the first country of the east that opened its arms to tourists in every way possible. Honeymooners in the capital city of Bangkok will face no dearth of world class amenities and nor will the local hosts be wanting in hospitality. Bangkok, famous for its racy nightlife and floating market, has a lot to offer to adventurous honeymooners. You can drive to Pattaya and watch the Alcazar show- a show equal in quality and execution to shows at the Moulin Rouge.

10. Orlando, Florida

Honeymoon in Florida

Have a dreamy honeymoon in Florida

If your love story resembles that of a princess and you are exulting in the fact that you have finally won the heart of your charming knight, then maybe you should visit Orlando in Florida for your honeymoon. Visit the Walt Disney World theme parks in Orlando- especially the Hollywood Studios and the Magic Kingdom. The Disney parks area perfect place to let the magic of your wedding continue for some more time.


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