Bondi Beach - Riding the waves

Looking at this, who won't like to be here?

Are you a wave rider? I am not. After watching these guys and girls, I am sure I want to be one. I want to walk barefoot from an apartment just opposite the beach in a body hugging, black surfing suit with my surfboard over my head and reach out to these pristine waters. It may be a few years and a lot of hard work away, but I am sure I will get there one day. A dream is born. This is the Bondi Beach that I have brought back with me.

Just looking at them,  walking towards rising waves, placing their surfboard and flying in the air, dancing, balancing and romancing with water, is like watching heaven performing its best for you. It  was a live show which beat any Hollywood flick by miles. There was confidence, determination, performance and exclamation - all in a matter of minutes. Adrenaline flew, that's right. I felt exactly like this when I took my first skydive. It was an experience of a lifetime! Surfing here looks another. This may not be an ultimate beach to surf but it looks like a good place from which to make a start.

Bondi Beach, I will be back and I would be a wave rider. See you soon!

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Published On: Saturday, August 10th, 2013