Mamlouk image

There's plenty of things to catch your eye at Mamlouk.

This is a treasure chest of a shop! Mamlouk is crammed with authentic Egyptian arts and crafts. From paintings and ceramics to handicrafts made out of wood and glass, if you like shopping you're bound to be tempted by most of the things here. It's a pretty small shop but in every nook and cranny there's something to look at and possibly consider taking home. Compared to what's on offer at markets such as Khan Khalili, everything here is genuine. You won't find a single 'Made in China' sticker!

Some of my particular favorites are the scarab beetles and ankh crosses made out of bright turquoise ceramic and stone. There are also the little ceramic and wood spice drawers. You may find that the things are more expensive than what you may haggle for in the markets, but mark my word you won't find what they have here anywhere else.

Mamlouk is located on Hassan Assem Street in Cairo's trendy Zamalek neighborhood.

Published On: Wednesday, September 11th, 2013