Carriage Ride in Old Montreal image

Dive into the past with a Buggy Ride in Old Montreal

An artist by profession, I was always mesmerized by various art styles. So, I was not disappointed when I decided to visit Montreal. The city of Montreal was established by French inhabitants, which can be seen  in the architectural style. All those details and carvings on the buildings portray a royal feel. As I was walking on the streets of Old Montreal, or Vuix Montreal as people say, I was completely lost in those long alleys with art galleries and restaurants. Old Montreal is like a mini-France which starts right after crossing the Basilica of Notre Dame. There are many things a traveler can enjoy doing there. Well, this was about the Old Montreal, the best part there was the buggy ride in front of the Notre Dame basilica.  Riding the horse chariot in the streets of Old Montreal fills the heart with joy. It actually gives you that royal feeling and throws you back in time when the local guide explains about the history of the place. At first I was being skeptical about the "high price" of the ride but then I was completely satisfied with it !" 30 dollars for a buggy ride? Are these people crazy ? "- This is  what I imagined at first. But then I took the risk and was completely satisfied. Oh my god, when you roam around on streets riding a chariot and have all the people look at you who envy you for it, you feel special ! You feel on top of the world !



Published On: Monday, January 20th, 2014