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Winterthur, Switzerland, a city near Zurich, is a commercially growing center located in the southern and eastern basin of Töss river. "Winti", as fondly colloquially named by the inhabitants,
consists of only 98, 000 inhabitants, and also considered as the largest interconnected pedestrianized area of the continent.

During Roman era, in 1175, Winterthur, Switzerland was called by the name of Vitudurum or Vitodurum. Founded by the Kyburg, this vineyard region of Switzerland, is nourished and developed by the neighboring Rhine Falls at the north and the hilly valley of Tösstal' at the south. The geography of Winterthur, Switzerland is strengthened by The Eulach, a little river, flowing across the middle of the city. Hence sometimes, because of this, this small town is also named as the "Eulach-City".

Winterthur is a service centre, with many new shops, restaurants, markets and festivals occurring every month of the year.

Today, Winterthur, Switzerland is a service centre, but many people make use of its proximity to Zurich, which is only 20 minutes by train. Being the sixth largest among other Swiss cities, Winterthur is rich culturally as well as economically. It is the hosts many rail industries and soon to become a prosperous industrial hub of Central Europe.

Some of the significant companies that set up in Winterthur are:

1. Sulzer Brothers or Sulzer Ltd.,
2. Sulzer AG
3. Winterthur Insurance, one of the largest insurance corporate of Europe.
4. Winterthur Group, of 1875.
5. Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS), Switzerland's largest bank also acclaimed in international forums.

Winterthur, Switzerland is also famous for its institute of higher education, Technikum. Collaborated with schools from Zurich, this largest school of technology of the country is now known as Zürcher Hochschule Winterthur or ZHW.

Some of the main attractions of Winterthur are:
  • Church of St. Laurenz found in 1264,
  • The famous Town Hall built in 1781
  • And it's Assembly Hall in 1865.

Stadthaus, the city hall, which is also a center for holding concerts of the Musikkollegium Musikfestwochen of Winterthur's Old Town, celebrate live music performances of all kinds, in the street, bars and concert venues during Fall.

Some of the renowned museums and art galleries of Winterthur include:
  • Oskar Reinhart Collections - Am Römerholz and Am Stadtgarten
  • Kunstmuseum Winterthur
  • Villa Flora
  • Fotomuseum Winterthur
Winterthur is also the gateway to other surrounding suburbs and rural districts of Zurich. A well interconnected city of Winterthur can also reach other European countries of Switzerland and Italy. Among regional transportation facilities there are A1 motorway from Geneva via St. Margrethen to Winterthur or the A4 motorway towards north to Schaffhausen or the A7 motorway that heads to the Swiss-German border at Kreuzlingen.

In 1989, Winterthur, Switzerland was the recipient of the Wakker Prize for its enormous progress in development and preservation of architectural heritage of the city.

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