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St Gallen Map

St. Gallen is the capital city of Canton of St. Gallen and is located in north-eastern Switzerland . St. Gallen is one among the highest cities of Switzerland . During the 7 th century this place was the hermitage of Saint Gall and from him the place got its name.
St. Gallen is an urban own today. St. Gallen also serves as the gateway to the Appenzell mountains. St. Gallen is situated ona picturesque site of lake constanc e on one side and the Alpstein on the other. The highest peak in St. Gallen is the Santis .

St. Gallen has an average population of 160,000 inhabitants and the economic standard of the place depends mainly on service. St. Gallen is linked to the other parts of the country by rails and roads and is also connected to the neighboring parts of Austria and Germany.

Places to visit when one is in St. Gallen is the Abbey of St. Gall, which is a heritage site of the UNESCO. This was built by alemannnian priest Othmar around 720 after a century of St. Gallus's death. The library here is a renowned library which contains books of the 9 th century. The theater Hall and the Concert Hall are also interesting places to visit.

St. Gallen receives a lot of snowfall every year in winter.

St. Gallen is also noted as as important site of Textile Industry . St. Gallen is also noted for the universities present here. The University of St. Gallen is rated as the best business and management institute in Europe.

Overall St. Gallen is a beautiful and interesting place to visit with its natural beauty and rich culture.

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