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Neuchatel Switzerland , capital city of the Swiss canton Neuchatel has a beautiful location overlooking Lake Neuchatel. The city is inhabited mostly by French-speaking people who add a touch of style and elegance to the place.
Historically referred by the Germans as Neuenburg, Neuchatel Switzerland is located on the north-western shores of Lake Neuchatel, only some kilometers west of Saint Blaise and east of Peseux. The surrounding mountains, along with the largest lake in entire Switzerland, Lake Neuchatel attracts a large number of tourists each year to come to the land and enjoy its exquisite view.

Following the European standard, the climate of Neuchatel Switzerland is relatively mild with variations according to altitudes. Between 400 and 1,000 meters above sea level, the temperature is comparatively cooler than the rest of the land. Summers in Neuchatel Switzerland is warm and pleasant, which invites crowds of swimmers to Lake Neuchatel. Winter snows on the highland areas is ideal for skiing and other seasonal sports that makes the place a supreme destination for the travelers.

Neuchatel Switzerland has a healthy population who enjoy excellent lifestyle. Personal security ensured to all the inhabitants, is the most essential part of everyday life. The fresh and pure air, along with plenty of leisure sites and activities makes life worth living in Neuchatel Switzerland . Such environment actually maintains a balance between the private and professional lives of these residents.

Neuchatel Switzerland has a sound economic condition . The country is well-known all over the world for their watch-making industry. Along with watch manufacturing, the country's economic activities at present include tobacco industry, travel and tourism, numerous small high-tech companies as well as wine producers. All these commercial activities have made Neuchatel Switzerland , financially self-sufficient.

Overall, the cultural and social standards of Neuchatel Switzerland are refined and graceful enough for people to live a healthy and sound life there. Not only that the place is well known for its scenic beauty, but the architecture and archeological remaining of the country also forms important focal points for the millions of travelers visiting the place in peak tourist seasons.

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