Famous Winter Olympians

Apart from the regular sports event that the world witnesses, Olympics hold a special meaning not only for its fans but also the players involved. Apart from the regular Olympics, the winter and summer Olympics are widely celebrated events.
The Winter Olympics as the name suggests involves sports that are practised on ice or snow and were introduced in the year 1924. Winter Olympics take place once every four year with a different host country. Since its inception Winter Olympics have seen an increase in number of participating nations. The last Winter Olympics were held in Vancouver 2010. The next winter Olympics are scheduled to be held in will be held in Sochi, Russia this year.

List of Sports in Winter Olympics : 
The various sports that qualify the above definition of winter sports are Alpine Skiing, Biathlon, Cross-country skiing, Curling, Figure Skating, Free Style Skating, Ice Hockey, Nordic Combined, Short track speed skating, Luge, Skeleton, Sky jumping, Snowboarding and Speed Skating. Winter Olympics witnesses the best male and female athlete's participate in various categories that include individual and team events.

Achieving a feat in any sports event is not an easy task, having said that it is equally important to celebrate the winners. Here's a list of notable Winter Olympic Players that have succeeded in their chosen sport.

George Hackel

George Hackel is a renowned Luge player, and was born in 1966 in Bavaria. George Hackel has been awarded numerous medals in both single, double and team categories through his career as a Luger. Apart from Luge, Hackel is also a world champion for a lesser known sport called Wok Racing. George Hackel has retired from active sports and now mentors others in this sport.

Olympic Medal Tally : George Hackel has won Gold Medal under Men's Singles category consecutively for Luge in 1992, 1994 and 1998. He missed the Gold in 1988, however was awarded a Silver medal. George Hackel won a Silver medal at Salt Lake City in 2002 Winter Olympics.
Country :  Germany

Armin Zoggeler

In the years when George Hackel was awarded the Silver Medal for Luge, it was Armin Zoggeler who won the Gold. Armin is an Ex-National Military Police officer and has patronised the sport from an early age of 12. Armin is the only Italian to win at least one individual medal in the last 5 Winter Olympics.

Olympic Medal Tally : Armin began his winning stint with a Bronze medal in 1994. He followed the same with a Silver Medal in 1998 with Silver. He went to win Gold Medal for the year 2002 and 2006. He finished with a Bronze Medal in 2010 Winter Olympics.
Country :  Italy

Claudia Pechstein

Claudia Pechstein is world's best Speed Skating and has won as many as 9 medals in the Olympics, apart from various other medals to her credit. Claudia was born in 1972 in East Berlin. Apart from being a sportsman, Claudia is also employed with German Federal Police as a sergeant. Claudia faced a personal blow when she was banned in 2006 due to proven drug use.

Olympic Medal Tally : Claudia has won 5 Gold medals starting in 1994, 1998, 2002 and 2006. She won Silver medal in 1998 and 2006 and Bronze Medal in 1992 and 1994.
Country :  Germany

Gregor Schlierenzauer

Gregor Schlierenzauer is deaf in his left ear and is an example of the fact that personal tragedies cannot come in the way of excelling and represents his country in Ski-jumping. Apart from Olympics medal he has won various other medals both in individual and team category.

Olympic Medal Tally : Gregor Schlierenzauer has won three Olympic medals at a young age of 20. He has won two bronze medals in individual category and a Gold medal in team category.
Country :  Austria

Johan Olsson:

Johan is a cross country skier, and was born in Sweden in 1980.

Olympic Medal Tally : Johan has four Olympic medals to his credit. He won his first Bronze Olympic medal in 2006 for his participation in relay. He subsequently won two Bronze and one Gold medal in 2010 winter Olympics in Vancouver under various sub-categories.
Country :  Sweden

Aksel Lund Svindal

Aksel Lund Svindal was born in 1982 and represents his country in Alpine Ski Racing. He is the first person in his sport to win four consecutive world championships.

Olympic Medal Tally : He was awarded a Gold in Super G category, A Silver in Downhill category and a Bronze in Giant stalom category, all in Winter Olympics, 2010.
Country :  Norway

Justyna Kowalczyk

Justyna Kowalczyk is one of the finest woman athletes of all times. Born in 1983, Justyna is a sought after Cross Country Skier. She is the only woman to have won Tour di Skifor the maximum number of times. She was suspended briefly in 2005, for usage of a prohibited anti-inflammatory drug unknowingly, however was discharged of the charges later.

Olympic Medal Tally : Justyna won her first Olympic medal in the year 2006. She won Gold for 30km classical, Silver for individual sprint and Bronze for 15km pursuit all in 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.
Country :  Poland

Zhou Yang

Zhou Yang started speed skating at an age of 8 yrs and went on to win her first Olympic medal at a tender age of 19 yrs. She has been an active participant in Asian Games and other World championship.

Olympic Medal Tally : She has won two Gold medals in 2010 in 1500m and 3000m relay categories.
Country :  China

Emil Hegle Svendsen

Emil Hegle Svendsen is a Biathlete. This sport involves skiing and rifle shooting. He has been participating in world championship since 2003 and has won numerous medals in all categories.

Olympic Medal Tally : Emil has won two Gold medals in 2010 Winter Olympics for 20km individual and relay. He also won a Silver Medal in 10km sprint.
Country :  Norway

Marit Bjørgen

Marit Bjørgen is the most accomplished cross country skier of all times, with a total of nine Olympic medals. Her medical condition of Asthma has not deterred her to be on top of her cross-country skiing career. She has had a successful stint in many world championships as well.

Olympic Medal Tally : Marit went on to win a total of five medals in 2010 winter Olympics. These include three Gold medals, and one each of Silver and Bronze medal. She also won a Silver medal each in 2002 and 2006.
Country :  Norway

Last Updated on : January 25th, 2018