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2014 Winter Olympics Schedule

Date Event Schedule
6 February 1:00 AM ET ALPINE SKIING Women's Super-Combined - Training 1
6 February 1:00 AM ET SNOWBOARDING Men's Slopestyle - Qualification
6 February 2:30 AM ET ALPINE SKIING Men's Downhill - Training 1
6 February 5:00 AM ET Freestyle Skiing SNOWBOARDING Women's Slopestyle - Qualification
6 February 9:00 AM ET FREESTYLE SKIING Women's Moguls - Qualification
Date Event Schedule
7 February   20:00 Opening ceremony
Date Event Schedule
8 February, 09:30Snowboard Men's Slopestyle Semifinals
8 February, 12:45Snowboard Men's Slopestyle Finals
8 February, 14:00Cross-Country Ladies' Skiathlon 7.5km Classic + 7.5km Free
8 February, 15:30Speed Skating Men's 5000 m
8 February, 18:00Freestyle Skiing Ladies' Moguls Qualification 2
8 February, 18:30Biathlon Men's Sprint 10km
8 February, 22:00Freestyle Skiing Ladies' Moguls Final 1
8 February, 22:35Freestyle Skiing Ladies' Moguls Final 2
8 February, 23:10Freestyle Skiing Ladies' Moguls Final 3
Date Event Schedule
9 February, 11:00Alpine Skiing Men's Downhill
9 February, 13:30Snowboard Ladies' Slopestyle Semifinals
9 February, 13:45Snowboard Ladies' Slopestyle Finals
9 February, 14:00Cross-Country Men's Skiathlon 15km Classic + 15km Free
9 February, 15:30Speed Skating Ladies' 3000 m
9 February, 18:30Biathlon Wo-Men's 7.5km Sprint
9 February, 18:30Luge Men's Singles Run 3
9 February, 19:00Figure Skating Team Men Free Skating
9 February, 20:05Figure SkatingTeam -Ladies Free Skating
9 February, 20:40Luge Men's Singles Run 4
9 February, 21:10Figure Skating Team Ice Dance Free Dance
9 February, 21:30Ski Jumping Men's Normal Hill -Individual 1st Round
9 February, 22:30Ski Jumping Men's Normal Hill -Individual Final Round
Date Event Schedule
10 February, 11:00Alpine Skiing Wo-Men's Super Combined Downhill
10 February, 13:45Short Track Men's 1500 m Heats
10 February, 14:30Short Track Ladies' 500 m Heats
10 February, 15:00Alpine Skiing Wo-Men's Super Combined Slalom
10 February, 15:09Short Track Men's 1500 m Semifinals
10 February, 15:39Short Track Ladies' 3000 m Relay Semifinals
10 February, 16:08Short Track Men's 1500 m Finals
10 February, 17:00Speed Skating Men's 500 m Race 1 of 2
10 February, 18:00Freestyle Skiing Men's Moguls Qualification 1
10 February, 18:50Freestyle Skiing Men's Moguls Qualification 2
10 February, 18:55Speed Skating Men's 500 m Race 2 of 2
10 February, 19:00Biathlon Men's 12.5km Pursuit
10 February, 22:00Freestyle Skiing Men's Moguls Final 1
10 February, 22:35Freestyle Skiing Men's Moguls Final 2
10 February, 23:10Freestyle Skiing Men's Moguls Final 3
Date Event Schedule
11 February, 10:00Freestyle Skiing Ladies' Ski Slopestyle Qualification
11 February, 13:00Freestyle Skiing Ladies' Ski Slopestyle Final
11 February, 14:00Cross-Country Ladies' Sprint Free Qualification
11 February, 14:00Snowboard Men's Halfpipe Qualification
11 February, 14:25Cross-Country Men's Sprint Free Qualification
11 February, 16:00Cross-Country Ladies' Sprint Free Quarterfinals
11 February, 16:25Cross-Country Men's Sprint Free Quarterfinals
11 February, 16:45Speed Skating Ladies' 500 m Race 1 of 2
11 February, 16:56Cross-Country Ladies' Sprint Free Semifinals
11 February, 17:06Cross-Country Men's Sprint Free Semifinals
11 February, 17:22Cross-Country Ladies' Sprint Free Finals
11 February, 17:30Cross-Country Men's Sprint Free Finals
11 February, 18:30Luge Wo-Men's Singles Run 3
11 February, 18:34Speed Skating Ladies' 500 m Race 2 of 2
11 February, 19:00Biathlon Wo-Men's 10km Pursuit
11 February, 19:00Snowboard Men's Halfpipe Semifinals
11 February, 20:20Luge Wo-Men's Singles Run 4
11 February, 21:30Ski Jumping Ladies' Normal Hill -Individual 1st Round
11 February, 21:30Snowboard Men's Halfpipe Finals
11 February, 22:20Ski Jumping Ladies' Normal Hill -Individual Final Round
Date Event Schedule
12 February, 11:00Alpine Skiing Wo-Men's Downhill
12 February, 13:30Nordic Combined Individual Gundersen NH / 10 km, Competition Round
12 February, 14:00Snowboard Ladies' Halfpipe Qualification
12 February, 16:30Nordic Combined Individual Gundersen NH / 10 km, Cross-Country
12 February, 18:00Speed Skating Men's 1000 m
12 February, 18:15Luge Doubles Run 1
12 February, 19:00Snowboard Ladies' Halfpipe Semifinals
12 February, 19:45Figure Skating Pairs Free Skating
12 February, 19:45Luge Doubles Run 2
12 February, 21:30Snowboard Ladies' Halfpipe Finals
Date Event Schedule
13 February, 10:15Freestyle Skiing Men's Ski Slopestyle Qualification
13 February, 13:30Freestyle Skiing Men's Ski Slopestyle Final
13 February, 14:00Cross-Country Ladies' 10km Classic
13 February, 14:00Short Track Ladies' 500 m Quarterfinals
13 February, 14:27Short Track Men's 1000 m Heats
13 February, 15:14Short Track Ladies' 500 m Semifinals
13 February, 15:35Short Track Men's 5000 m Relay Semifinals
13 February, 16:07Short Track Ladies' 500 m Finals
13 February, 18:00Biathlon Men's -Individual 20km
13 February, 18:00Speed Skating Ladies' 1000 m
13 February, 20:15Luge Team Relay Competition
Date Event Schedule
14 February, 11:00Alpine Skiing Men's Super Combined Downhill
14 February, 14:00Cross-Country Men's 15km Classic
14 February, 15:30Alpine Skiing Men's Super Combined Slalom
14 February, 16:30Skeleton Men's Heat 1
14 February, 17:45Freestyle Skiing Ladies' Aerials Qualification 1
14 February, 18:00Biathlon Wo-Men's 15km -Individual
14 February, 18:00Skeleton Men's Heat 2
14 February, 18:30Freestyle Skiing Ladies' Aerials Qualification 2
14 February, 19:00Figure Skating Men Free Skating
14 February, 19:40Skeleton Wo-Men's Heat 3
14 February, 20:50Skeleton Wo-Men's Heat 4
14 February, 21:30Freestyle Skiing Ladies' Aerials Final 1
14 February, 21:55Freestyle Skiing Ladies' Aerials Final 2
14 February, 22:12Freestyle Skiing Ladies' Aerials Final 3
Date Event Schedule
15 February, 11:00Alpine Skiing Wo-Men's Super-G
15 February, 14:00Cross-Country Ladies' Relay 4 x 5km
15 February, 14:00Short Track Ladies' 1500 m Heats
15 February, 14:45Short Track Men's 1000 m Quarterfinals
15 February, 15:16Short Track Ladies' 1500 m Semifinals
15 February, 15:46Short Track Men's 1000 m Semifinals
15 February, 16:09Short Track Ladies' 1500 m Finals
15 February, 16:23Short Track Men's 1000 m Finals
15 February, 17:30Speed Skating Men's 1500 m
15 February, 18:45Skeleton Men's Heat 3
15 February, 20:15Skeleton Men's Heat 4
15 February, 21:30Ski Jumping Men's Large Hill -Individual 1st Round
15 February, 22:30Ski Jumping Men's Large Hill -Individual Final Round
Date Event Schedule
16 February, 11:00Alpine Skiing Men's Super-G
16 February, 11:00Snowboard Ladies' Snowboard Cross Seeding
16 February, 13:15Snowboard Ladies' Snowboard Cross Quarterfinals
16 February, 13:31Snowboard Ladies' Snowboard Cross Semifinals
16 February, 13:45Snowboard Ladies' Snowboard Cross Finals
16 February, 14:00Cross-Country Men’s Relay 4x10km
16 February, 18:00Speed Skating Ladies' 1500 m
16 February, 19:00Biathlon Men's 15km Mass Start
Date Event Schedule
17 February, 11:00Snowboard Men's Snowboard Cross Seeding
17 February, 13:30Snowboard Men's Snowboard Cross 1/8 Finals
17 February, 14:01Snowboard Men's Snowboard Cross Quarterfinals
17 February, 14:13Snowboard Men's Snowboard Cross Semifinals
17 February, 14:17Snowboard Men's Snowboard Cross Finals
17 February, 17:45Freestyle Skiing Men's Aerials Qualification 1
17 February, 18:30Bobsleigh Two-man Heat 3
17 February, 18:30Freestyle Skiing Men's Aerials Qualification 2
17 February, 19:00Biathlon Wo-Men's 12.5km Mass Start
17 February, 19:00Figure Skating Ice Dance Free Dance
17 February, 20:05Bobsleigh Two-man Heat 4
17 February, 21:15Ski Jumping Men's Team 1st Round
17 February, 21:30Freestyle Skiing Men's Aerials Final 1
17 February, 21:55Freestyle Skiing Men's Aerials Final 2
17 February, 22:12Freestyle Skiing Men's Aerials Final 3
17 February, 22:15Ski Jumping Men's Team Final Round
Date Event Schedule
18 February, 11:00Alpine Skiing Wo-Men's Giant Slalom Run 1
18 February, 13:30Nordic Combined Individual Gundersen LH / 10 km, Competition Round
18 February, 13:30Short Track Ladies' 1000 m Heats
18 February, 14:17Short Track Men's 500 m Heats
18 February, 14:30Alpine Skiing Wo-Men's Giant Slalom Run 2
18 February, 14:56Short Track Ladies' 3000 m Relay Finals
18 February, 16:00Nordic Combined Individual Gundersen LH / 10 km, Cross-Country
18 February, 17:00Speed Skating Men's 10000 m
18 February, 17:45Freestyle Skiing Men's Ski Halfpipe Qualification
18 February, 21:30Freestyle Skiing Men's Ski Halfpipe Final
Date Event Schedule
19 February, 09:15Snowboard Men's Parallel Giant Slalom Qualification
19 February, 10:15Snowboard Ladies' Parallel Giant Slalom Qualification
19 February, 11:00Alpine Skiing Men's Giant Slalom Run 1
19 February, 13:00Snowboard Men's Parallel Giant Slalom 1/8 Finals
19 February, 13:15Cross-Country Ladies' Team Sprint Classic Semifinals
19 February, 13:24Snowboard Men's Parallel Giant Slalom Quarterfinals
19 February, 13:30Cross-Country Ladies' 30km Mass Start Free
19 February, 13:37Snowboard Men's Parallel Giant Slalom Semifinals
19 February, 14:06Cross-Country Men's Team Sprint Classic Semifinals
19 February, 14:30Alpine Skiing Men's Giant Slalom Run 2
19 February, 15:45Cross-Country Ladies' Team Sprint Classic Final
19 February, 16:15Cross-Country Men's Team Sprint Classic Final
19 February, 17:30Speed Skating Ladies' 5000 m
19 February, 18:30Biathlon 2x6km Women + 2x7.5km Men Mixed Relay
19 February, 20:15Bobsleigh Wo-Men's Heat 3
19 February, 21:23Bobsleigh Wo-Men's Heat 4
Date Event Schedule
20 February, 11:45Freestyle Skiing Men's Ski Cross Seeding
20 February, 12:00Nordic Combined Team Gundersen LH / 4x5 km, Competition Round
20 February, 12:30Curling Wo-Men's Bronze Medal Game
20 February, 13:30Freestyle Skiing Men's Ski Cross 1/8 Finals
20 February, 14:05Freestyle Skiing Men's Ski Cross Quarterfinals
20 February, 14:25Freestyle Skiing Men's Ski Cross Semifinals
20 February, 14:39Freestyle Skiing Men's Ski Cross Finals
20 February, 15:00Nordic Combined Team Gundersen LH / 4x5 km, Cross-Country
20 February, 16:00Ice Hockey Wo-Men's Bronze Medal Game
20 February, 17:30Curling Wo-Men's Gold Medal Game
20 February, 18:30Freestyle Skiing Ladies' Ski Halfpipe Qualification
20 February, 19:00Figure Skating Ladies Free Skating
20 February, 21:00Ice Hockey Wo-Men's Gold Medal Game
20 February, 21:30Freestyle Skiing Ladies' Ski Halfpipe Final
Date Event Schedule
21 February, 11:45Freestyle Skiing Ladies' Ski Cross Seeding
21 February, 12:30Curling Men's Bronze Medal Game
21 February, 13:30Freestyle Skiing Ladies' Ski Cross 1/8 Finals
21 February, 14:05Freestyle Skiing Ladies' Ski Cross Quarterfinals
21 February, 14:25Freestyle Skiing Ladies' Ski Cross Semifinals
21 February, 14:39Freestyle Skiing Ladies' Ski Cross Finals
21 February, 16:45Alpine Skiing Wo-Men's Slalom Run 1
21 February, 17:30Curling Men's Gold Medal Game
21 February, 18:30Biathlon Wo-Men's 4x6km Relay
21 February, 20:15Alpine Skiing Wo-Men's Slalom Run 2
21 February, 20:30Short Track Men's 500 m Quarterfinals
21 February, 20:44Short Track Ladies' 1000 m Quarterfinals
21 February, 21:15Short Track Men's 500 m Semifinals
21 February, 21:23Short Track Ladies' 1000 m Semifinals
21 February, 21:46Short Track Men's 500 m Finals
21 February, 21:56Short Track Ladies' 1000 m Finals
21 February, 22:21Short Track Men's 5000 m Relay Finals
Date Event Schedule
22 February, 09:15Snowboard Ladies' Parallel Slalom Qualification
22 February, 10:15Snowboard Men's Parallel Slalom Qualification
22 February, 13:15Snowboard Men's Parallel Slalom 1/8 Finals
22 February, 13:31Snowboard Men's Parallel Slalom Quarterfinals
22 February, 13:50Snowboard Men's Parallel Slalom Semifinals
22 February, 14:03Snowboard Men's Parallel Slalom Finals
22 February, 14:10Snowboard Ladies' Parallel Slalom 1/8 Finals
22 February, 14:36Snowboard Ladies' Parallel Slalom Quarterfinals
22 February, 16:45Alpine Skiing Men's Slalom Run 1
22 February, 17:30Speed Skating Ladies' Team Pursuit Semifinals
22 February, 17:51Speed Skating Men's Team Pursuit Finals
22 February, 18:14Speed Skating Ladies' Team Pursuit Finals
22 February, 18:30Biathlon Men's Relay 4x7.5km
22 February, 19:00Ice Hockey Men's Bronze Medal Game
22 February, 20:15Alpine Skiing Men's Slalom Run 2
Date Event Schedule
23 February Closing ceremony  
23 February, 11:00Cross-Country Men's 50km Mass Start Free
23 February, 13:30Bobsleigh Four-man Heat 3
23 February, 15:00Bobsleigh Four-man Heat 4
23 February, 16:00Ice Hockey Men's Gold Medal Game

2014 Winter Olympics Schedule : 
2014 Winter Olympics are just around the corner. The events start unfolding from 6th February 2014 and will be on till 23rd February 2014. With more than fourteen sports to indulge in, a schedule around your favourite games is a must.

Though the sports events start on 6th February 2014, the Opening Ceremony starts with a grand celebration scheduled on 7th Feb which would be watched by millions. BBC has tied up with the Winter Olympics for exclusive broadcast of the event.

The other sports events that include Alpine Skiing, Biathlon, Cross-country skiing, Curling, Figure Skating, Free Style Skating, Ice Hockey, Nordic Combined, Short track speed skating, Luge, Skeleton, Sky jumping, Snowboarding and Speed Skating are scheduled between 6th February and 23rd February. These events would witness participation in both individual and team events categories.

The Closing Ceremony is scheduled on 23rd Feb, 2014 Fisht Olympic stadium with a capacity to accommodate over 40,000 attendees.

Last Updated : January 23, 2014

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