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Paris 1900 Olympic Medals Table

Held from 14 May to 28 October, 1900, the 1900 Paris Olympic Games were organized as a part of the 1900 World's Fair. It witnessed the participating of a total of 997 athletes hailing from 24 nations, competing in 85 events in 19 different sports.

With women competing for the very first time in the Olympics, 21 out of 24 participating nations were successful in earning medals. Additionally, an impressive 12 medals were won by teams which comprised of athletes from numerous nations.

The host nation France made it to the top of the medals table by winning 25 gold, 41 silver and 34 bronze medals. The nation won the most number of medals. Below France were nations including United States of America, Great Britain, Mixed Team, Switzerland and so on. It is interesting to know that the athletes participating in mixed teams won medals in sports, including polo, sailing, tug of war, athletics, rowing and tennis. While some of these athletes won medals individually, others won it as part of a mixed Olympic team. American Alvin Kraenzlein, who won the 60m, 110m hurdles, 200m hurdles and the long jump, was considered as the star of 1900 Paris Olympic Games.

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Last Updated : July 22, 2016