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Munich 1972 Olympic Medals Table

Also known as the Games of the XX Olympiad, the 1972 Munich Olympics took place from 26 August to 11 September, 1972. Around 7,134 athletes from 121 NOCs participated in 195 events from 23 different sports. Games including slalom canoeing, Men's indoor handball and kayaking were the debutants in the 1972 Munich Olympics.

Interestingly, archery returned to Olympics after a long gap of 52 years. On the medals part, USSR topped the list by earning 50 gold, 27 silver and 22 bronze medals. Following USSR were United States of America, German Democratic Republic, Federal Republic of Germany and so on. Although the 1972 Munich Games were overshadowed by the Munich massacre, the medals table had the world's best teams winning gold, silver and bronze medals.

It was during the 1972 Munich Games that the West German Liselot Linsenhoff, who competed in the dressage event, became the first female equestrian to have won a gold medal. Among the memorable champions were the US swimmer Mark Spitz, who broke seven world records by winning seven gold medals and Olga Korbut, whose victory in the finals caught multiple eyeballs. With 121 National Olympic Committees participating in the Games, the Munich 1972 Olympics became the largest international sports event.

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Last Updated : July 22, 2016